Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cabinets & Tables

So I didn't have one massive Living Room post, I thought I'd break out a few of the other cabinets & side tables that I adore for you separately.

This is another true antique piece.  Again, it's from my Mother's stash. On top of it are two chairs again from my Mom.  Every bit of this I love.  It's really not in the living room, but the small hall between the kitchen area and our master bedroom.  You kind of see this wall when you come in the front door to the right.

Here is the finish on it - isn't it great!  I never realized I had so much gray until I started taking photos.  This baby holds all candles - aren't I ridiculous!  Who truly needs a cabinet just to hold candles?  Apparently this girl - I need varying scents and colors by season you see!

This stool was a $15 find at 3rd Sunday market.  I love it.  The old orange paint is fabulous & it works perfectly beside the couch as an end table. 

This adorable end table is actually Maggie's.  You see, I'm "storing" it for her.  If you store something at my house - I use it!  It's fair game!

I love the finish of it with the turquoise popping through & of course the huge knobs are the best part!  Maggie got this cheap - I want to say $10 - it's funny I remember, but she saw it first so it was hers - but I always wanted it!  Again, glorious 3rd Sunday Market!  (After photographing the room I couldn't stand the orange color with the green chair so this is now an end table to the couch & the orange stool is here in stead - MUCH BETTER!)


  1. I'm with you on the candle thing! I need mine to coordinate with the seasons and my moods-I am jealous that I don't have an entire cabinet to store them in. :-)

  2. Okay, I am having orange stool envy over here.....LOVE IT! I can't wait to go to third Sunday market. My mom has a closet just for candles so yep I get it:) Wishing you and your precious family Easter blessings!


  3. Your home is SO fun and colorful! LOVE IT!

  4. I'm scouring thrift stores for a set of stools like that. But I need 4 or 5. Yikes!


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