Friday, April 9, 2010


Evening gator trips - this is what country living is all about!

Pa's are the best!

Expecially when your Pa drives a sweet gator & gives you surprise gator rides.

My kids LIVE for these rides!

They tell Pa to "Drive it like he stole it" - hilarious!

Their second favorite is that Duke chases them at top speed the entire time. We estimate that he ran at least 4 miles chasing those crazy kids!  Yes - he slept hard!


  1. Ooh I need that, but I think I would have the dogs ride and the kids run. I need to tire them out so they can sleep. And then mommy's happy!

  2. Annie, I can see by your kids expressions that they absolutely love their Pa and love riding the gator too!! How fun!! Boy, wish I had one like it!!

    Have a wonderful day Annie and great weekend too!!


  3. It is such a blessing when you live near grandparents. Unfortunately we moved away when our children were very small so they didn't have the everyday things with grandparents. Truly a blessing!


  4. Drive it like he stole it! Ha. That's hilarious.


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