Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Loot From The Day

Here are my personal trophies for the day.

*Please excuse my hideous patio.  We can't plant annuals until the end of April or early May because we can still possibly get frosts here in the glorious state of Illinois.  I promise things will look much better when I have some greenery down here!*

I kept the much fought over bird bath. It’s truly amazing in person!  Jade was kind enough to glue down the top to the base so the kids can't flip it over on themselves.  It's so heavy as one unit they shouldn't' be able to tip it now.  Plus, I placed it near the wing wall because they are not allowed near the rocks by the wall.

I also kept a lot of the galvanized tubs to get a new look for my walkout patio.  These will be filled with glorious flowers soon!

I ended up scoring that chaise lounge for free last year.  I spray painted it & got a new cushion & it's really comfy!  These galvanized tubs I got for cheap at a junk store a few months ago.  I want to fill them with either tall grasses or big branches and Christmas lights to flank the sides of our new bar.  The galvanized buckets will hold more flowers.

 I think with plants – it’s really going to improve the concrete wasteland I currently have.  I have 3 tubs about this size.  I paid $40 for the bird bath, all of the galvanized tubs, and a tub full of old canning jars I gave to Abbie.  Considering a bird bath at Walmart is $25 I got a steal!

 My favorite steal of the day was this rusty old metal cabinet. I scored it for $2! No one even bid against me! I may seem crazy here, but I’m going to leave her rusty and we are going to put on a big thick top. This will be our outdoor bar for our “party pad”.  Since we rarely have parties - I imagine I'll put a bunch of pots on the top & store extra soil & pots inside.

I hope to also stain this patio sometime this spring - I think that should help make it feel more comfortable instead of miles and miles of concrete patio & walls. 



  1. I can't wait to see the overflowing flowers soon :)

    My tulips have are about to open any day, unfortunately a few days too late for easter, but at least they'll be around longer.

  2. Ok, when I pass through in May...I may have to swing by in the dead of night and swipe that birdbath. LOVE IT! What a score. And girl, if you EVER see a metal topped table like that again...BUY IT FOR ME! I'm still hunting for the Periodic Table, so hopefully I will find it, then you will owe me! HA!HA! ~mary~

  3. that cabinet will make the perfect potting bench- i can just see the men there rolling their eyes and thinking you were CRAZY to buy it :) Heheheee...

  4. Everything is going to be so beautiful once all your flowers are blooming! I also love the color of your house.


  5. Ok I seriously can't wait to see what your patio looks like after you get all your plantings done. I love the rusty counter for a bar, fantastic!
    Love the bird bath too!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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