Saturday, April 17, 2010

Furniture I Love!

I recently got the opportunity to meet a really sweet blogging friend, Jennifer, from  Mimi Bella Boo. Check out her blog because this girl is super creative and does the cutest things!  I wish I got to visit with her more, but next time she's in town we get to - I promise!

She grew up about 45 minutes from where I live, and she had some furniture for sale from her grandparents estate.

I never pass up great furniture so I went up to meet her with Jade, Everett, my brother in law Kylie, and my Dad.

We bought this work bench that’s over 7’ long.  It was hand built by her grandfather.  We want to put a very thick old chunky top on it.  (We're thinking pieces of an old plank bridge chunky boards & big casters - oh my - yes - it will be cool!)  We think it could make a fabulous TV credenza possibly in our future theater room.  I also like the funky green paint on it so it will most likely stay.

This cabinet is amazing!  Also, over 7’ long. The top has a bead board backing inside and old crystal knobs. The base holds two cutting boards & has a potato cabinet.  It’s huge and so very cool.  I plan to paint it white with turquoise panels.  I’m going to “store” it for now in my play room (it's open to my basement family room so it will still shine in all it's glory) – it will hold tons of games & books.  Then, when Maggie builds – it will join some other amazing cabinets she has in storage & will be her kitchen cabinets instead of having some built – she’s using old cabinets – it will be gorgeous!

I can't wait to get painting this baby!  Plus, Jade really wants his parking spot back!


  1. I didn't realize how much that base cabinet is like my kitchen one .... I didn't know it had a bin and 2 bread boards. I can hook you up with vintage decals if Mag is interested.

  2. I think that first piece would be an awesome island...of course you would have to have a ginormous kitchen!! Have fun painting, I always do...well usually!!


  3. Annie, you've got some really neat cabinets and work bench there!! It is great when we come across items like them when we are out and about! Makes it real nice!!

    Please tell your Mom that I said Thank You for visiting my blog and for her sweet and kind comments she left me... I'm real anxious for her to start her blog up one of these days, hopefully soon!!

    You all have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Those are great! Can't wait to see what colors you choose!

  5. Wonderful finds! It is great to have friends with the hook up!

  6. i was regretting after you left that we didn't take pictures when you came to get the furniture -- would have been a fun post for both of us! it was so nice meeting you and i am already smiling at the new pictures that you've taken - i am sure they will be masterpieces once you are finished! and yes, let's get together just to chat next time!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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