Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Small Things Count

When we first moved we lacked closet doors.  We had curtain rods with curtains on each closet - nice I know, but temporary.

We finally got up the closet bi-folds, but the knobs – oh my – no personality.

They were either plain wood or plastic. So after I lived with them a bit I realized one day – duh – get chunky cabinet pulls. This was such an improvement & I still have them on many closet doors.

However, Aubrie & Everett got quite the upgrade recently.

Aubrie’s new crystal pulls are perfect! They were a mere $2 each at some consignment type store. Thanks Mom for thinking of me when you saw these babies!

Everett’s knobs were also given to me from my Mom in a bag of spare knobs. Aren’t they just perfect for a little farm boy who loves trucks and cars. One knob is a straight head screw and the other is a Phillips head screw. I adore them!


  1. I love knobs and pulls! When we have our own home I want interesting door knobs on every door :)

  2. The Flat head and the Phillips are perfect! Great finds!

  3. This is a good idea, I've been living with ugly and plain-jane knobs for too long.


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