Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet cheeks

I've been a bad Mom.

I keep taking pictures of my house and forgetting to take pictures of my beautiful growing babies!  Seriously - where does the time go?  Please enjoy - they are pretty aren't they!

She kept putting her head in front of his - she just had to be in front!

He's seriously so ornery!

She's always posing.  See those wild eyebrows he's rocking - that's when you know he has an idea!

It's never a good idea!  Some how he has used the apple to grease down boy eyebrows.  This just cracks me up!

She's posing again & forcing Trudie to be a part of her game.


  1. I hope I get to meet them when I come:)


  2. Sweet, sweet pictures. I just love pic #3.

  3. What cutie patooties they are! I'm loving her different colored painted toes, just like my Claire!

  4. i just can't believe how big aubrie is. she is a little girl now, not a toddler. where does time go? bean is already getting big too. she's coming to see Zac and I tonight cause I'm her favorite aunt. I know, she told me :) ha!

  5. I'm sorry, but you aren't the favorite Aunt. I'm picking her up and bringing her to Zac b/c I can't keep her - sucks to be seconds ;)

  6. Your kiddos look like little sweethearts!!



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