Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yes - I think I can dance!

OK - I'm a crazy person.  I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance - so does Jade.  I know that's funny, but he really loves this show too!  So (Abbie I know you totally feel me here) I really think I can dance. 

I mean - I can normal dance; I danced in cheerleading and I love to shake my Shakira hips if I ever get to go to a club. 

But - I'm just sure watching these dancers that I can do what they do!  So in my mind I visualize myself doing the Samba - and well I'm quite good!  God made these hips for some reason must be to shake them right! 

Now - I have 3 problems, I need a costume, I need a partner (Jade can strum a guitar & sing with the best of them but he's no dancer), and I need a dancers body to fit into my costume!


  1. You got your dance abilities from your mom. She can really move with the best of them, also the hips...sorry.

  2. Thanks Mom - I forgot to mention - the highlight of my career - I once was told I dance so well I should be on Soul Train! I think it was a compliment anyway! ha ha!

  3. i think i can dance like them too, but i am so wrong. haha kylie is the best dancer in our family!

  4. joel and i watch together also and LOVE it! Leland doesn't get to watch all the dances due to lack of clothing, but the ones he does watch he imitates the whole time!
    love it!!!! i should have put it on my obsessions list:O)


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