Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mom's House - 4 of 6!!

Mom has been into antiques since I can remember.  This woman truly has some amazing things.  Some of the best things in her house are her cabinets.  My sisters & I already fight over who will get what when Mom's gone - semi-jokingly anyway! 

This is a pretty neat tall & skinny cream cabinet in her living room.  It has old painted pictures on it - they are kind of creepy, but in a really awesome way.

This baby is super old - and Dad got it for her for Christmas I believe 2 years ago.  Yes - he is that amazing of a husband!  Would you about pee your pants to walk into this Christmas day?

This piece is really big & it's truly fabulous!  The top holds years and years of decorating books & magazines & the bottom holds toy for all the kids.  It's truly a great piece!

Are you swooning over this dry sink yet?  You should be - again - it's amazing!

Yet again - this is just a small sampling of this woman's house.  It's fabulous.  I didn't even take you upstairs!


  1. you need to get picks of the office and it's black walls...most people think that would be AWful but its AWesome! (with a nod to Kylie for that one)

  2. don't spoil the future surprises!

  3. these pics are really fun, Annie! thanks for giving a us tour:O)


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