Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mom's House - 1 of 6!!

Yes - I really have 6 posts to show you my mom's house.  It's an old farmhouse that they fixed up and built onto.  It's where I grew up & where it all started for me and my sisters.  We have a strong family line of women who LOVE to decorate.  My Mom gets better every year & her prizes are truly pricesless!

I'm not going to do much talking here - the pictures explain it all.  And just an FYI - this is about 10% of the Christmas this woman has - I didn't even go upstairs & there were so many things to photgraph it'd just take so many blogs.  So enjoy - my mama's Christmas!!

Fabulous Fireplace - this is in her very large kitchen.  She has 2 fat chairs in front of the fireplace & then a parsons table that seats 8.

More fabulous kitchen shots

Her deep window sill above the sink always allows for wonderful seasonal decorations.

A utilized countertop

Bowls of old goodies!

Glittery houses

The most amazing old hand

Cute corner cabinets - ready for the holidays.

A gorgeous gold metallic tree!

vintage ornaments galore

To close I want to show you why Christmas is so powerful in our family.  the house below is my Grandma's -
Ethel Edith - AKA Toots.  It was her parents' & they used to deck this place out.  They gave tours inside and out.  The old pictures are amazing!  Now that it is my grandma's - we still do Christmas Eve here and it's always gorgeous!


  1. Wow it must be so amazing to be in your house at Christmas! Beautiful!

  2. Your mom collects a lot of the same things I do....glitter houses, tinselly things, old ornaments, etc.
    Tell mom her house looks great!
    Happy Holidays,

  3. what a great that bowl of goodies!

  4. oh i have melted... thank you for sharing

  5. I'm having a vintage heart-attack! Holy moley. So much to look at - and all of it so lovely!

  6. I love all of the vintage touches. Everything is gorgeous.


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