Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I change my hair almost as often as I change my underwear. Well - not that often b/c I of course do that daily, but pretty much. It helps that my super awesome sister Maggie does it for me! I get pregnant & for some reason I stick to brown & grow it out. Probably b/c I'm too tired & lazy to go to the salon! Then I have kids & I cut it off to young up my look. I color it like crazy - I'm never afraid to go platinum blonde, firecracker red, blazing brunette, or even a famous brown with chunky highlights. I have seriously done it all - none of it is very subtle - except pregnant Annie. It's fun - it's just hair - and it always grows back!

A month ago I was side-swiped. Now I'm back to Halle Berry super short. I love it! I am all over brown now, so I imagine I'll be coloring soon - Mags pencil me in! You're a dear!
So what are you doing with your hair? Any changes in the upcoming year?


  1. that picture of you and jade cracks me up! haha jade's hair is buzzed, i still can't believe he had me do that to him. hahahaha oh man

  2. OMG Annie you look soooo young in that picture of you with long hair. I think you look great with super short hair! I'm a little bias though because I love short hair too! I am currently growing my hair out, in order to not go crazy I'm coloring it all the time. Or should I say Maggie is actually coloring it all the time! I haven't had long hair in a while so I thought I might try it out. I already have a short haircut picked out though for when I'm ready to cut it!

  3. That buzz was hilarious Maggie. I have no idea to this day what he was thinking! And oh my Tiff - the picture with long hair was at the most 2.5 years ago - I hope I'm not aging that fast!!

  4. Sorry! I didn't mean it like that. You by no means look old now but you have such a baby face in that picture!

  5. I was just teasing you Tiff - Jade's really the one who is changing fast on us! He's 30 soon you know - an old man!

  6. Just ran into your blog and thought it was funny we have the same background and header. Ha! =)
    By the way, great hairstyle! I had my hair short like yours for a long time and have been doing the long hair for a while now, but I'm dying to cut it short again. Just need to sum up the courage to do it.
    Take care!

  7. Ok, so wish I could do something different with my hair. Its been the same FOREVER. I think I am just one of "those people"...I just can't seem to change! Maybe that should be a New Years resolution or something... ~mary~

  8. Mary I think your hair looks fabulous! I don't know you to know what it's like live, but in your picture it has some nice body to it. I think that's why I always go short - mine is soooooo straight it never has any umph.


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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