Friday, December 18, 2009

Mom's House - Part 6 of 6!!! The Best for Last!

OK prepare yourselves now.  These pictures are the things that makes my mom's house stunning every day.  I hope this post blows your mind!  I think it most likely will!

Her Kitchen:
Please keep in mind - this is an addition - all new space.  However, she took old cabinets & made a beautiful kitchen.  I love her sink - you want it too!  and the two cabinets to the right - fabulous!

I should have taken a picture of the large parsens table - Dad built it and it seats 8 with mismatched chairs - also great!

This baby goes clear to the ceilling!  It holds tons of food it is to the right of the pictures above to make the kitchen an L.

An old diners menu from Litchfield, IL - very cool!

Another old diner menu that is very cool with some oversized silverware & a huge turquoise bowl.

Perfect above the stove - a medicine cabinet becomes a spice rack!

Take an old lampshade & wrap it with beads - glorious!  This is not for Christmas - this is every day fabulous!

A window daybed - all the grand babies like to sleep here!  It has a christmas theme to it right now.

Right next to the daybed is a hilarious bird lamp & a reupholstered rocker for the grandkids.

The Living Room:
Now you know where I get my love of color!

My mom loves a grandma look. She has lots of fat chairs and mixed fabric - and it always works!  Behind this chair is a great attendance board from a very small church!  It's amazing - it even has the offering amount!  There is also a very neat old church on the cabinet you have already seen - lots of treasures to be found here!

Mom collects chairs.  This is just a really great way to show them off.  In case you can't tell - those shelves are filled with old doll furniture.  Great showcase isn't it!

Dad's Office:
She recently went black in here, and I really like it. She has another grandma loveseat in here.  Mixing fabrics & colors - again is working for her stuff!

My Dad is a farmer - he does all the typical IL grains.  He also has a large herd of cattle.  So it's only fitting that he has a collection of cows in his office.  My favorite thing is the old sign.  It says my grandpa's name.  I believe my Dad found it in the barn after Grandpa passed.  Sisters - I call dibs on that!

Another grandma fat chair & an old door creates a cozy setting.

This is the downstairs bathroom.  It's small, but it works well b/c it's mainly Dad's bathroom.  Beadboard = wonderfulness!  Shower curtain sewn by Annie!

This is hilarious - and only fitting in Dad's bathroom.  He thinks he is the biggest & baddest man around & the boss of all the bosses!

This is the laundry room.  Here is another amazing door Mom has added.  It goes between the laundry room & living room.  I love her old mother hubbard print on the wall.

I hope you enjoyed the first level of my mama's house.  Give her some props b/c she deserves it - she works her booty off decorating this baby up for every single holiday!  What is your absolute favorite thing in her house? 

This spring I'll feature her upstairs b/c there are count them - 3 bedrooms up there and 2 bathrooms you will be loving.  She also has beautiful gardens that you will love!

FYI - This is the type of house I hope to have some day!  Since I'm 27, I have years of collecting ahead of me!


  1. I can't believe you called the already took the name. But in the spirit of dibs, I call laundry room stained glass door and the big cabinet just on the other side of the french doors that holds all the decorating books. HA!

  2. I get the sign for Everett's door - it's only fitting that he has his Grandfather's sign that he was named after you goon. You can have the door & the big cabinet b/c I wrote my name on the green cabinet already - and the really cool hand - and so many other things you don't even know about.

  3. The sign and the architectural piece are my favorites!!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It's so nice to meet you!


  4. Mom's house is awesome!! It must have been fun growing up in a house with such a creative Mom. I especially love the chair wall and of coarse....the pug. Too cute.
    Happy Friday!

  5. her stuff is so cute, i've really enjoyed reading these posts :)

  6. Hm...I'm having trouble leaving a comment on your Ethel Edith blog. It won't let me enter the word verification. Anyway, I wanted to comment on the pink dresser and footstool you linked to FFF. I love how mult-functional the foot stool is and your choice to make the dresser drawers different shades of pink. Brilliant! And the glass knobs are perfect!

    By the way, your Mom has to coolest stuff and it is all arranged so well. Very witty and fun.

  7. Ohh, I love everything! I absolutely LOVE how she mixes and matches, awesome!


  8. Thank you everyone for the nice comments - I'm sure my modest Mom will be shocked that you love her house! Also - I tried to fix Ethel Edith Miss Mustard Seed - I hope it worked. Thanks for enjoying our work!

  9. I love that stained glass door on the laundry room!


  10. Thanks for all the nice compliments on my house. If I had been home when Annie was photographing I would have made tweeks but I was off to Nashville to shop so...FYI Annie the harvest table in the kitchen is from my childhood church Sunday school classroom. (and there are 4 bedrooms upstairs you goof.. of course we made you live in the attic Cinderella,so you wouldn't really know it)

  11. Oh girl your mom's house reminds me of my momma's. Stuff warm and cozy...COLORFUL. Gotta love that. I want those old cow prints. They were mooing my name;)


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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