Saturday, December 12, 2009


There is one blog - for me that started it all.  Check out Holly at Life In The Fun Lane because she has one amazing blog.  Even better is her house!  It's all white - I adore it.  I have always admired all white houses & I seriously read her entire blog in about 2 days when I stumbled upon it.  She has such a strong design personality in her home & it's gorgeous.  She has an adorable little girl & I look forward to all her new posts - they are always inspiring.  She doesn't even know I exist, but she started it all for me. 


She inspired me to blog, and even better, inspired me to go into business with my 2 sisters starting Ethel Edith.  She started a fabulous store called White Berry Reinvented. 

My sisters and I have upcycled furniture for our home for some time.  Now we get to share that love with others.  We have even made some sales recently - hooray!  The more work we do for Ethel Edith the more I realize my sisters & I are getting better!  Decorating, staging, photographing - it's all improving at a slow speed!  So please check out our blog Ethel Edith.  We post most of our new finished pieces on our group blog, and we will have a spring show very soon in 2010.  We are very excited!


I have decided that after Christmas I'm going to work on updating rooms in my house a bit.  Hopefully, moving furniture & bringing in new pieces will spruce it up and excite me - which I need!  My treasures are growing, but still have things I'd love to get rid of - from my young married days!

So that's my plan.  We will see where I go b/c as always - my home style is constantly revolving, and don't worry - I'll be sharing pictures as I transform!

Oh - and if you see any blogs out there that look like my house - please send me their link to spark my creative gene a bit more!  I love reading the blogs!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog today, and have been reading it from end to beginning. I had to stop and comment here, though. Life In the Fun Lane was the very first blog I read, too! AND, I'm also from Central Illinois...Sullivan, to be exact. I started blogging a couple months ago. I haven't been very consistent with it...LOTS of things going on these past few months. I will be following you FOR SURE!! I also share a love of old, un-loved things...(and glitter! haha). Come visit me at I haven't checked out all the blogs you follow yet, but maybe you'll find some new inspiration in my list!!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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