Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mom's House - 3 of 6!!!

OK - I'm going to feature some of Mom's stunning doors!  Mom & Dad have removed some of the older plain doors in their home & replaced them with some fabulous doors!

This door is between her new kitchen & old kitchen (now a laundry room).  She took an old screen door - lined the back with bark cloth = wowsers!

This door is really tiny.  I seriously can't explain to you how little it is.  However, it's gray & turquoise old chippy paint - ta da!  It is the closet door to a small closet they built with beadboard in Dad's office.

I truly can't remember if this door is original or not.  I believe it is.  Mom added the F decal for Fox & it's stunning in her very gorgeous red living room.

This is another treasure!  Old chippy white paint with a fabulous - you really need to see this in person to appreciate - wreath.  This door separates the living room from Dad's office.

I hope you enjoyed the door sampling b/c this woman has it all!


  1. the one going up stairs is not original...we had that solid wood one. remember we used to slide down the stairs into it and mom would get so mad. it was fun!

  2. That's true - I thought it wasn't, but I couldn't remember. However, I think you still may be wrong - I think they may have put in a wooden one in our youth to keep us safe if we fell down the stairs. I think they stored the glass one in the barn for many years.

    Mom chime in here & help us out!

  3. I love the chippy white door! It adds so much character. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. It is not the original... it was wooden. For several years we had no door until you monkeys got really loud then we put this one on. The glass is very thick. It was originally in the barn between my shop front room and Dad's shop. It came from Mike Dove.

  5. i love the glass door with the F on it. :o) can't wait to see the rest!

  6. Wow I love that last door with the pink wreath, looks fabulous!!

  7. That last photo is wonderful - I love the chippy paint. And the wreath is perfect.



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