Friday, December 4, 2009

My Top 10 Must Have Items

Last year my mom was onto something.  She put together her Top 10 Must Have items in wondeful gift bags for her friends at Christmas.  I thought I would share my 10 Must Haves with you. 

1.  Nivea Chapstick - I could literally slather this on my lips for hours - it's disgustingly awesome stuff.  Seriously - I need 5 tubes so I have one in every coat pocket, my purse, car, bed table, and office!

2.  Jason Mraz - In any shape or form - every CD this man produces is brilliant - I love them all.  He is my happy music - he is who my son (who is 2) aspires to be.  He's even better in concert - I literally heart him much!!

3.  Tostitos Multi-Grain Chips - I'm not lying.  These things are addictive - so very delicious!

4.  Booger Pickers - AKA Fingerless Gloves - Ha ha I'm dead serious - I have heard these wonderful fingerless gloves called Booger Pickers in the South - makes sense huh!  I think they are great!  So handy when you need your fingers out & about!  I am getting some for myself ASAP!

5.  Serious Skin Care - Bella Rose - Pro Minerals I literally will only wear this brand as my foundation & blush.  I very very rarely have a breakout.  I LOVE this stuff.  It's light, but covers well - and so much better than Bare Escentuals - it's too glittery - even from the girl who hearts glitter to the max!

6.  TIGI Bed Head 4-Play Quad - Easy Going - This stuff is the best!  You can wear the lighter color for a neutral day look, or really glam it up - as I like to do - in the evenings.  I seriously don't know if I'll ever find another eye shadow I feel the same about!

7.  OPI - I'm Really Not A Waitress nail polish - pair this with a coat of Chip Skip and your pedicure will last forever!  I love a good OPI color & who can't fall in love with their flirty names!  I personally love a great red in the winter & of course a hot pink for the summer.

8.     Kirks Folly Glitter Goddess Zippered Wallet - I don't have one of these, but I eye my Mom's often.  I'm hoping Santa brings me one.  They are too die for glitter & really a great wallet inside.
9.Yankee Candle - MacIntosh Apple - my absolute favorite candle scent of all time.  I love the Christmas scents - don't get me wrong, but for some reason this apple does it for me every time!

10.  Elf - This is my all time favorite Christmas movie.  I laughed so hard in the theater when I saw it.  No home should be without this "new" Christmas classic!

So now dear friends I ask you - what is your top 10?  Feel free to blog your lists - I'd love to read them!


  1. I am really not a waitress is one of my FAVORITES!!

  2. that nivea chapstick is my jam as well. SO goood.

  3. I never realized just how much we had in common till I read your to 10! I will have to give that mineral make-up a try. I love bare minerals, but it that is less glitterey, I will give it a go!

  4. Le - you have to try the HSN mineral makeup - I like it so much better b/c it's so less glittery!

  5. I think we need to give credit where credit is due, Ann. Who introduced you to Nivea chapstick, a.k.a. "lip butter"??? You're welcome. You'll never go back. ;)

  6. Very true Elly - you did make me love it! I will forever never be without my Nivea! Just an fyi - the tinted is not pretty - may be on you though b/c you are tan!


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