Saturday, December 5, 2009

Prepare To Have Your Socks Knocked Off

This weekend I fully intend on photographing my Mom's house.  Prepare yourself because this lady has it all.  She has been into antiques and shows since I can remember.  She was a dealer of a store called Kinfolk, and could be seen at several booths & shows.  I don't honestly know where all she's been, but she's fantastic - and better yet she's my Mama!  She's an amazing decorator & extremely creative.  She can pull anything together.  She has spent endless hours helping us girls on our homes.  Without her, I wouldn't be the girl I am today.  I wouldn't have a quirky love of all things old & I'd shop in real furniture stores, but that would be no fun!

Her house is much more primitive than mine, but she has AMAZING treasures & her Christmas stuff is some of my favorite!  Prepare yourselves, because I think you are going to be digging what you are seeing!

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