Friday, December 11, 2009

Basement Mayhem

I have a fairly large basement - it's probably about 2000 sq feet.  It's divided into a finished family/play room & bathroom.  I also have 3 other unfinished areas that I use.  We have a storage area just filled with kids' clothes, old toys, furniture I may move in or out of my house, and all my decorations (I have gone overboard in tubs here as always)!  It's packed.  Then we have a utility room.  It has the furnace, bowflex, and my sister Abbie's chiropractic table in there as well as all the outdoor toys.  Our last room is quite big, but it's filled with rolls of carpet for when we do finish some of these rooms, a fuseball table, and of course our paint room.  All the unfinished rooms are open to each other - with a bit of framing here and there.

Now some of you may imagine this super chic glorious paint room that is so inspiring.  Not so sisters and I paint on tarps on the concrete floor.  We sit around all night long cracking jokes with each other, ooohing over how hideous something was and how great it's becoming.  We have a blast.  Then, I drag every piece of finished furniture all over my house to try & stage it for Ethel Edith.  It is sometimes difficult b/c I'm not very large & some of this furniture is. 

One day I dream of a to die for paint & crafting room.  I really enjoy a blog by Mary at Vintage Home & Garden.  She has seriously fabulous taste, and she blogged about her soon to be amazing paint room with chandys and a huge work table.  I was really envious!  I really want one, and darn it when Jade has the time and we have the funds - I'm going to have an all white super shabby guest bedroom framed up (I think a guest would LOVE this!) & an all about us girls craft room.  I seriously can't wait!  So another thing to put on Jade's project list.  Sorry honey, but I love you!

I love this table & workspace!  I would love having my sewing machine out full-time in a gorgeous space!  The colors are darling too!


Another gorgeous craft room.  A great chandy - I love the brightness of it being white.  I think you could be so creative in here!  And Oh My - old suitcases filled with fabrics and decorative trims - swoon!


While my sisters and I are cracking our jokes & furiously painting in my dark basement, my kids are scooting around the concrete on their outdoor toys.  They stay busy and have fun, so I'm not going to stop them!  As long as they stay out of the paint room - we're all happy!


  1. Oh my gosh! THE PRESSURE! Now I really have to produce something spectacular! ;o) I am hoping to, anyway. I stepped away from that project for a few weeks to be able to finish off my office and that fab pottery-barn-impersonator of a desk we are building. I hope to get back to the "studio" after New Years. Studio is such a great word, I think! Makes it sounds so much better than it really is! haha. I will say, it is a basement, so I am working with shorty ceilings...but I think it will inpire others that think their dark basement can't be anything more than a catch-all. All is right with the world when you add a chandelier to the mix anyway, right?? ~mary~

  2. No fear Mary - you have stunning taste so this studio will be fabulous! You have seen the pictures of the kids so you knwo I'm working in a catch all! But I completely agree - a chandelier would make my paint room much better!!

  3. WoW those craft rooms are amazing!!!

  4. Okay, I'm thinking that our currently-unfinished-spare room will be my new craft room. I'm sure my stepchildren wouldn't mind sharing a room if/when a new baby comes. I mean really....a room with a chandelier and crafting/painting essentials sounds like way more fun!!!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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