Monday, December 21, 2009

My 5 Obsessions

I was tagged by Tiff - Maggie's sister in law for my top 5 obsessions.  The deal is you spill it all to the world - and then tag 5 people to do the same.

Here we go - beyond the obvious - God, Hubs, Kids, Family & Friends -

1.  Glitter - in any form - I literally would roll in it!  I don't care that I'm 27 - gliter on anything makes it better!

2.  Vigoss Jeans - What can I say - they fit my curves & don't bunch up in the back.  My butt is bigger than my wais t and pants usually gap in the back for me - these don't- I dig these jeans!  With Kohls having sales literally every 3rd day and offering prices that are ridiculous - you can't afford not to wear these jeans - make your butt look good today people!

3.  Furry Winter Boots - Don't tell the hubs, but I'm a bit overboard here - I have count them - 4 great pairs of winter furry boots for skinny leg jeans!  I also obsess - should I wear skinny leg jeans??!?!  Probably not with my larger than Shakira hips, but I do it anyway!

4.  Trees - I seriously am Annie Appleseed.  The spring plan - American Beech Tree & a Saucer Magnolia - that's just the start of it!  Since we built - we are surrounded by trees in the woods, but not in our yard.  So our goal - fall color & spring blooms!  I think we have planted 20 hand picked trees so far.  After visiting the St. Louis Botanical Gardens -the Beech Tree officially makes Jade weak in the knees - seriously we're getting one!

5.  Dolce & Gabbana Handbags - of course the knockoffs - but for $45 at a purse party I can't afford not to!  They come in all colors & crazy colors at that - which fits my wild over the top style personality.  I'm currently carrying this one.

Oh & rejoice - I have the internet now at home!  No more blogging 5 blogs at a time on the weekend & scheduling them out for me!

Lastly - this is tough b/c I don't have many followers yet, but I tag the following faithful readers (I hope faithful):
Anna, Mary, Leanne, Jillian, Elise


  1. i did it too!! you pulled me back in.
    and i'm gonna check out those jeans because i have a Kohl's gift card:O)

  2. Good tip on the jeans! I hardly ever shop at Kohls, but it seems like whenever I compliment someone's outfit, that's where they got it!

    My sister got me a Fendi Spy knock off that you would Love. It's bright orange. :)

  3. I never used to shop at Kohls, but now we have one close by. Shopping isn't super easy where we live. You are totally right - I googled Fendi Spy - and yes - I would absolutely heart it especially in orange!

  4. That was such a fun post to read!! Great purse and boots too :)

  5. Fun things to learn about someone...and since there is a storm looming, I'm bettin those boots will come in handy. Have a Merry Christmas and keep on blogging!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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