Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Tunes

OK so I just added music to my blog recently. Do you like that on blogs or hate it? Hope you dig it. Anyway, I thought I'd explain myself a bit.

I am in love with Jason Mraz. Not the person - he's really not that attractive -quirky but not my type - in his little hats. However, his music makes me happy! To see him live is even better! I tried to refrain myself a bit b/c I have so many favorites I just couldn't play them all! And Kris Allen is I hope the next Jason Mraz b/c I totally loved him on Idol!

Ben Folds Five, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, John Mayer - these are all artists that remind me of my husband. We fell in love when I was a mere 14, and Jade has always had a powerful music addiction. So old music often reminds me of us when we were young. He was in a band - yes I'm not kidding. The name was Welfare Christmas - oh yes those boys were creative on the name front weren't they! He was the lead singer & he played the guitar. It's a talent he brings to our children's genes that I definitely do not. He doesn't do the guitar as much as he'd probably like, but music will always be a huge part of Jade's soul.

The truck song I just heard. Jade added it for me, but it's so true to my life. I really learned the worst things & words in life - on the school bus - in the back. Thanks Robbie Tilford for that!

Tim McGraw is for my Dad. He insisted he walk Maggie down the aisle to this song & he had Abbie burn us this CD for Christmas that year. Every time I hear it I have to get a grip. I love my Dad & I'll always be his little girl no matter how big I get.

I believe in God as my Savior and so I know I'll spend eternity praising him in heaven. Brad Paisley's song is one I want at my funeral. I may be weird, but I have my list all wrote out for Jade - just in case. I also have to pull myself together on that song. I talks about meeting your grandfather in heaven & I just visualize Grandpa Everett & it kills me. He's been gone 5 years and it still blows my mind when I think about it. I will also will get to meet my brothers. I won't go into details, but I have twin brothers 2 years younger than me. I don't remember if I got to meet them as they spent their time on Earth, but I know once I get to heaven they will be razzing me like crazy. I imagine they look like my Dad, but one day I'll know for sure.


  1. when i heard the tim mcgraw song, i told kylie that was the song i was walking out to at our wedding. still makes me tear up. our dad is the best ever. and the brad paisley song stinking killed me. i was fine until the granddaddy part. i loved that man dearly. darn you and your blog, gets me everytime! dang it!

  2. how did you add your music, my dear? i'm such a tech loser i can't figure it out!!

  3. Elise - if you go down to my play list you click on the Create your free playlist. At the website you just create an account, setup your play list & then you can easily get the HTML code for blogger to use. It's easy - let me know if you need any help :)


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