Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why China?

I just wrapped up a great book about adoption in China called in Mine In China.  It has been an incredible resource to answer a million questions I had, but also a great eye opener on what we need to be prepared for.

I've been asked, why China.  Why not the US?  Why not foster care?

My most honest answer is, our daughter is in China.  When I saw her I knew where she was, and where God directed us to go.

But I also want to share how Down syndrome is perceived in the US versus other countries.  I've been told it takes an average of 3 years to domestically adopt a child with Ds in the states.  (This may be longer now?). Ds is wanted here, people will adopt domestically and the list of applications is long.  Just recently I saw a post on Facebook to apply to adopt a boy with Ds in the states and within days they had so many applicants they stopped taking any more.

In China 25% of the children waiting for adoption have Down syndrome.  It is estimated way more than 25% actually are waiting because their files haven't even been completed yet.

Children with DS used to be viewed as "unadoptable" in China.  It wasn't until more recently, 2011, that files even started being prepared for these kids.  The need is great.

Every child needs a home.  I do believe that.  But for our family, we were called to China.  Our little girl had no other applicants standing by.  She was simply waiting.  So that's why China.  We are equipped to raise a child with Ds, and God has called us there.

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