Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Vest Christmas Ever - Literally

Welcome to my Christmas & Aubrie's 4th birthday recap.

The birthday girl!

That's right - my entire family - Dad, Mom, Sisters, Brother in laws, & kids all wore ugly vests - mine being the ugliest!  It was the vest Christmas ever!

Everett got a chainsaw like his Daddy - I love this picture!

Even baby Caroline got in on the fun!

Check out those hot vests!

Rick & Ruby reindeer it up!

Recognize these girls?  That's right Abbie did some serious bad, but in a good way folk art for our Mom.  It cracks me up everytime! 


  1. what a fun idea!


    p.s. your kids are so cute. i love the glasses!

  2. Abbie is very talented!
    The artwork is fantastic, so cute. She clearly has great style!



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