Monday, January 11, 2010

High off Spray Paint

I have always said that spray paint is one of my best friends.

I buy a hideous end table for $3 at a rummage sale.  I buy a $3 can of orange spray paint & voil√† - it looks great - and no one knows I'm cheap!  I do this ALL the time.

However, I had a bad experience with spray paint.  I quickly found out that if something is highly varnished - you need to REALLY lay on the sand paper.  I did scuff up the surface a bit...don't get me wrong, but not enough.

I had bubbles - serious bubbles & horrible 90's crackling.  And of all the pieces in the world, this was on my Grandpa Everett's handed down wall clock in the picture below.

Now you probably think - why on earth were you trying to spray paint your beloved Grandpa's clock?!?  And - who paints wood?!?  Well first off - I paint wood all the time.  I just am not a wood grained girl.  My Mom was cheap and couldn't afford wood furniture nor can I.  So we paint everything & wood looks stupid in our houses - it's just the way it is in my highly painted & colorful home.  Secondly - it was ugly wood - from the 70's.  So I'm painting it white so it's timeless - are you with me now?  OK great.

Anyway, after some serious paint scraping & re-sanding - I was finally able to paint it white.  It looks great now!  I'm glad I did it!  Thank the lord I saved it, because Jade was about to stroke out over the thought that I ruined Grandpa's clock.

**Keep in mind that my Gpa farmed with my Dad & we saw him every single day.  That means from age 16 to 25, Jade spent a lot of time farming with my Grandpa & my Dad.  They constantlly harassed each other & Grandpa constantly called Jade a pussy.  Please don't be offended - it was how Gpa Everett was.  Besides Jade took it like a man and often times in the situation Grandpa was totally right - don't tell Jade I said that - wink wink!  But Jade loved my Grandpa & misses him too so it's also his family treasure as well as mind - he was not happy with Annie over this!**

Take my serious screw up to heart.  Spray paint will love you with all it's heart, until it meets high gloss varnish.  Then it will take a big crap on your project and make you cry.


  1. Oh yeah, paint and varnish and enemies! And watch out for furniture with knot holes, if not painted with the right stuff, in about 6 months you will want to pull your hair out! ;o) ~mary~

  2. Oopp...I meant paint and varnish ARE enemies! ;o)

  3. oh man...i'm glad you saved it! it looks really great :)

  4. LOL

    I love it in white- looks so great with the yellow!

    Your Gramps sounds like he was a hoot!
    I'm on the lookout for high gloss... so I can get it sanded while I sit and wait for the weather to warm up... tick tock tick tock.


  5. Hi Annie, welcome to the blogging world. I saw your picture on another blog...I can't remember which one...goodness!

    Your blog is lovely. You will love it here. So much support and kindness.

    Barb ♥

  6. I'm with you on that, if the wood is ugly paint it. I paint everything that doesn't move :)
    Looks great white

  7. This made me laugh out loud!
    I love reading your blog posts!
    I gave you an award. It's over at my blog!

  8. Thanks everyone! I think it looks so much better too!

    Thanks for visiting Barb - I love the blogging world so far - so positive. Everyone finds something nice to say even though their styles are different - I like that!

    Thanks for the award Leanne - I'm heading over to check it out :)


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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