Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aminal Friends

My Aubrie is a story teller.

Ask anyone that knows her and she'll talk for 20 minutes straight about fairies, leather back sea turtles, and all kinds of random bits of information that she has gathered.  Often she surprises me with the knowledge she has at 4.

This weekend she was talking up a storm.  She literally would throw out a random new topic in between every breath.

Jade finally stopped her & said "Aubrie what are you talking about?"

She responded "I'm talking about my aminal friends."

Which, she wasn't at all talking about her animal friends, but she was certain she was.  Jade had to stop her dead in her tracks before she could tell us about the wolves, raccoons, and opossums that are great friends that share secrets with her.  Before she could tell us about the creature that snuck in our locked door in the night to eat her cookies.  Please note, she also does hand motions when she talks - envision that - I'm the same way - wonder where she gets it!

That's right, she repeated herself & she says aminals.  He tried to teach her the right word over and over..he failed.  She still has aminal friends, and I'm doubting she'll change it for awhile!


  1. I totally believe her stories about aminals!

  2. LOL
    Jackson talks about leather back sea turtles too. And different kinds of monkeys... what happened to Monkey? When we were little, we called all monkeys... well, monkey. Now, there are all sorts of different versions. LOL I'm blaming Diego.

    She is so cute!

  3. What a precious girl! I miss the stories mine use to tell me, now 16, 14 and 9.


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