Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Land

So I talk about where I live & you've seen my house, but I thought I'd share some of the before pictures.  To give you a sense of where I really come from & where I am now.

This land we live on is my dad's pasture land.  I believe he owns around 200 acres here, but I can't swear on that.  Those black specs are really part of his cattle herd.  He used to have around 300 head, but I'm not sure what his count is now.  This was the old lane to our land.  It curved to the right over the tiny hills.  We have since put in a new lane.  Now, Maggie is building in the next few years by my house & my Dad said the lane is going back to where it was - which makes me happy.  The current lane is a bit too steep now (I didn't love it the day the put it in) & it's really not in a great place for a school bus.  If you don't have 4 wheel drive you can't even think about driving up it on snow or ice.  Ask Abbie - she got stuck at the bottom & fell on the ice.  I swear I tried not to laugh that day!  So anyway - this is all still my Dad's land & they do hay here in the summer time.  The trees to the left though - those are now my trees :)

My parents graciously gave us 7.5 acres.  That's extremely kind considering it's beautiful land & free - land is very pricey!  So this is my home site.  I talk about it being a finger into the woods, but now you can see it.  We have a gorgeous forest & even a crick (I say crick not creek) behind us.  Jade gets all his firewood from many acres of woods.  This is where I used to camp with friends in high school.  I have always loved this land.  When we were young we used to take a 4 wheeler in these woods & fish large stones out of the crick for Mom's landscaping.  We had so much fun doing that!

The woods to the right come forward & there is a pond & then to the right of these woods there are I believe 5 more fingers into the woods that could hold homes.  Maggie will build right in the next finger to the right.  In the winter I will see her house.  I will love having her for a neighbor!

Here is our house now - smack dab in this finger.  Our grass still has some growing to do, but in the spring it looks really nice


  1. Love it! I am so jealous! How fun to have so much land and family all around. L.U.C.K.Y!!!! ~mary~

  2. i will be an awesome neighbor and babysitter! i'll tell kylie to refrain from walking around outside naked! haha that'd be scary if he were doing that now in the trailer park, but he does strip down to his boxers on the porch after doing hay. the neighbors like it.

  3. I'm jealous of your land.
    Yep- jealous.
    Not envious... Plain out JEALOUS!
    I assume we're all invited to a girls retreat/campout type event this summer??? LOL

    I say crick too. ;)

  4. What a beautiful place to live! Looks so peaceful :)


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