Sunday, January 10, 2010

Something To Shock You

Dear Sisters & Mom,

Don't fall off your chairs when I say this, but Jade is considering...

getting a tattoo. 

Can you believe this?

My man pretty, clean shaven (or he prefers to be - I prefer his goatee), button up shirt loving man - may get a tattoo!  Even crazier - he thinks I should pick it out!  I mean really - who picks out tattoos for other people?  It's on your body - so you pick it out right.

I for one am shocked, but I like the idea.  I have always liked more rugged men, and I guess Jade has turned into a hard working farm boy.  But deep down - he's just straight man pretty.

PS - Abbie - please advise Jade to not get the same tramp stamp "WHISKY" (yes this is the spelling he has) tattoo that Zac has on his upper ass crack. 

*I wish I had a picture of this, because every time I remember Zac has it - I crack up!  I guess that's what happens when SIUC goes wild...sorry in advance Zac*


  1. hahahahahahaha! watch out, once you start it's near impossible to quit!
    i've been itching itching for a new one. JOel has a gigantic dove on his chest... and now wants a sleeve!
    and Zac's cracks me up-ha!

  2. you know he's embarrassed of it annie...damn you. it is really ridiculous though. since he's so tall, its really like he just stood in front of the tatoo guy who was sitting on his little stool and said, "right there, low back is good."

  3. I'll have to take a photo of Owen's it's pretty awesome :)
    It's not too bad to be the one that gets to pick, I didn't pick but I did help!

  4. i can totally see jade with a tattoo. but he's like my big brother, and i always imagine danny and doug would be tattooed up like the rest of the fox boys. i just hope he doesn't get all crazy like drew and have an arm of hodge podge.

  5. Go for it!!! Boys with a little edge are awsome;)!!!


  6. LOL -- I've been reading your blog and I'm laughing here all crazy like :)

    I'll be back. I should be working. But I'll be back...



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