Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys...

I find myself always saying...Is it a boy thing or is it an Everett thing?

Then I pray it's a boy thing!  Please keep in mind that I had 3 sisters.  I first had a daughter, and I'm not used to boy things.

My son is 2.  He is all boy, and he is wild about 98% of the time when Little Bear isn't on the TV.

This weekend I was in my bathroom & my two kids were watching cartoons and eating their morning oatmeal.  That's when I heard Aubrie yell "Everett spit on me!"

Really?!  He seriously spit oatmeal on her?!  Who does that?  She never did that to him when she was 2 and he was a baby.  So again I ask myself is it a boy thing or an Everett thing?!?  And I pray he grows out of it.

However, I may have awhile to wait.  Today he spit chocolate milk in my eye.  Really?!?  Who spits milk on their Mom!?!

So pray for me that Everett isn't always wild.  And...that I can develop an enormous amount of patience when he spits milk on me!


  1. Oh my :( the spitting thing would be so frustrating!

  2. You are funny! Your little angel is beautiful!

  3. Tiff it's definitely frustrating! Better than biting, but still pretty bad!

  4. i TOTALLY understand!
    Family of all girls too; boys are easier in some respects and then totally make up for that by being BOYS.
    i constantly find myself saying "what are you thinking!?!? why would you DO that?!" to which he responds "I nunno Mommy..."
    i have to try really hard to figure out which is blatant being naughty and which is boy behavior being tested out that just has to be explained to him is not the best idea:O)
    wouldn't trade him though! he just told me he loved me and wanted to kiss me- i told him he was sick so i'd just kiss his forehead. I kissed his, and then he kissed mine.
    what will we do with them?? i think pray is the only good answer!!!
    (sorry for the longest comment in the history of the world!)

  5. uh oh. does this mean I have bad boy behavior on the way?!

  6. Annie, forgive me for laughing. You will make it through this....hang on. :-)

    Thanks for your visit. Joining you as a follower.

    Barb ♥

  7. I'm laughing/crying with you!
    I'm voting for 'its a boy thing'.
    My son just turned 4 and you should hear him and his little buddies. During carpool, its always talk about fart, poop, and boogers.


  8. My sister in law was adament that her son would not play with guns. After one day, making a gun out of his sandwich half, she gave in. He is 32 and is a good person.
    Boys are different than girls. They are action people, not people of words and feelings. They do. When you think about it, spitting is kind of cool and powerful; plus, what a reaction it creates!
    Rest assured, he won't spit on you once he learns that it isn't appropriate. He and you will be just fine. Parenting is civilizing the little beastie, angel babies that we have in our life.


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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