Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm just mad about Saffron!

I was blog inspired!

I visited Micah over at The Yellow Front Door, then Stephanie at The Vintage Glitter House, and finally Britt at
A Penny Saved.  They made me fall in love with yellow all over again!

I'm going to show you my foyer - well I guess it's a foyer - it's pretty open to the house but I'm still calling it one.  When we built, we decided to not do a coat closet here because it would eat up too much floor space.  So my Mom found this big mirrored cabinet for I believe $80 at an antique store in town. 

It was perfect.  It has a big closet rod in it and all our coats fit perfectly.  However, I'm just not a wood grained girl.  I've had this piece for 2 years and I've constantly thought about painting it.  People always say no no no - don't paint wood.  Well it's really not nice wood.  Finally after seeing all the yellow blogs, I decided the heck with it - I'm painting this baby yellow!  I'm cheering up my entry way!

So here she is now.  I am in LOVE this cabinet.

As soon as you walk in the front door it's the first thing you see.  With my turquoise walls it just pops, but I think in a good way.  It's totally my style.

(Despite the sign - pick pockets & loose women do not live here!)

I had a big debate with myself - age it or leave it freshly painted?!?  What to do, what to do...  I decided to live with it a few days and I think I'm going to leave it fresh.  I'm afraid aging will play with the color too much, and I'm really happy with it right now.  Plus, with my son in the house, every piece of furniture gets aged by him!

While I was at it - I thought I'd share the rest of the foyer.

When you walk in the front door these are to the left.  The top picture we got for Christmas and we were THRILLED with it.  It was sold at an auction & some how made its way back to Jade's family.  They don't collect antiques, so it was passed to us.  It is a military base, and just so happens to have his Grandpa Aubrey in it - so priceless.  Then we have a huge stain glass window that is also very cool from my Mom.

I have a bowl of black & white letters - these look great throughout the house in bowls or trays.

I also have a glass head I adore.  My sisters & I all have them, and they are fun to fill with ornaments, candy corn, you name it - we do it all.

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  1. Annie-
    It looks great! I love it against the wall. Very bright and cheerful.
    Very sharp!

  2. Thank you everyone! I'm glad everyone else likes it too and doesn't think I'm insane! So happy I did it though!

  3. i LOVE it and it goes so well with the turquoise wall! wow!!! what paint color did you use?

  4. LOVE IT! It looks perfect there and in that color! I also LOVE the sign, I may have to duplicate that!

  5. I love that yellow, really eye popping! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Girl, you are rockin' that yellow! I have to admit, it looks great with the walls. It needed a little "pop" and I think the shade you picked is perfect! ~mary~

  7. Where did you get the glass head? I'm coming over to steal, uh, borrow it!
    My ex wouldn't hear of painting wood, I am trying to learn to do is difficult after over 30 years, but all the posts I visit are filled with creative, inspiring women and I will begin...then watch out!
    First time here, will be back!

  8. The yellow is beautiful. And I really, really like that pinecone poster.

  9. Luv*Luv*Luv!!!!

    You go, with your bad, saffron self. Way to be fearless!

    ps- that glass head is freakin' me out...

  10. It looks fabulous!!! I love the way the yellow pops in front of the blue. I see you chose not to antique....good choice. I love it!

    Take care,

    P.S. They retrieved all of my photos!!! YAHHHH!!

  11. The colours are so fun they make me smile! And the bowl of numbers/letters thing? Lemme attem! LOL on the head. Love the twist to that one.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

    FJ Donna

  12. The yellow just pops- I LOVE yellow as you can tell, since I painted my whole house yellow ( and NO, we did not paint it yellow and gren because we are Packer fans,as one blo follower asked- good grief!) I just like color. And while I admire and fawn over all white and tan and cream rooms, my heart always returns to color. I love the FUN stuff in your house- reflectively of the fun, quirky person who lives there :)

  13. Thank you everyone so much!

    Suzie Q the head is from Pier 1 & the trick is to paint the wood when the husband is out! ha ha!

    The pinecone poster is from an old science classroom & I have a very cool tulip one and butterfly one for the other seasons.

    Anita - I too fawn over the all white homes - so gorgeous. It even had me thrown for a loop if maybe that should be my style, but I decided I'm a color-aholic. I can't give it up. My thing is to paint everything & some how all the wildness comes together & looks nice. I have a very colorful personality once you get past my shyness - so my house is a reflection of that for sure!

  14. Love the cabinet! Also love the Beware of Pick Pockets and Loose Women Sign! Fabulous

  15. I love the bright yellow against the blue - it looks great!

  16. Love the bright yellow as it makes your foyer so sunny and cheerful. Turned out fabulous.

  17. What fun !! Great job and love the sunny yellow to remind you every day that Spring is just around the corner !! Take care, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

  18. what a fun foyer! that yellow looks great!

  19. It looks so much better in the yellow. It was a pretty wood, but if it's not your's yours, so paint it! Good for you for doing that. The yellow looks so great against the turquoise and I love all of your quirky accessories. You have a great sense of style and are bold enough to go with it. Love it!

  20. So bright and pretty! I'm loving those old eye charts too!

    Kat :)

  21. I know from my decorator's that "yellow is the new color for 2010"...but I just can't seem to get on board yet! Glad you are! That piece is stunning!

  22. I'm not really a yellow person but that looks great, love your walls too!

  23. Oh wow, two of the 3 in my favorite color combination (the 3rd being red with turq and yellow) that is just gorgeous!! And without a regret in the sky either, that yellow is just heads above the dark wood! Bravo!

  24. The color is Fuzzy Navel from Lowe's - sorry I don't remember the brand!


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