Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Babies Cause Cankles

OK I'm cracking up that I'm even sharing these with you!  You must be VERY close friends to witness what I'm about to post.

I have talked a bit about my pregnancies.  I told you I gained a whopping 66 pounds with Aubrie - I think around 40 with Ev.  However - side note - I am back to my old weight (I'd say size, but my muscle disappeared) - yeah me!  So behold - me in all my large glory!  A post all about huge Annie!

December 2005

This was right before I had Aubrie.  I was trying to hide from the camera - can you believe I thought I could hide!  My head is literally like 1/4 the size of my belly - let alone my body!  My hand is all swollen like a marshmallow with no joints in it.  You'll see later that I get huge when I'm pregnant & I can only fit into these jeans & the orange tank top beneath that hoodie.  It's a nice look I know.  Maggie looks pretty righteous here as well.  Isn't Trudie young & tiny - gosh Trudie what happened?!?

These are my feet while I'm waiting on Aubrie to arrive.  Yes - my size 6.5 feet looked like this!  Check out the ankle folds!  This is something they don't tell you about having kids - your feet may swell - yes they share that - but they never say they may swell this huge.  You'll get foot rubs every night, but it will hurt soooo bad you'll want to bawl!  Unfortunately for me - my feet were this size for probably 2 months leading to December and I couldn't fit my ankles into size 11 snow boots - seriously?!?  Worse off my legs were swollen to my knees - I have knee stretch marks - really what the crap!  Hello ugly brown crocs in the snow with black dress pants & spare socks in your purse - yes I rocked that style religiously to work!  I was one not so hot mama!

This is Aubrie, my beautiful 7lb 12 oz 20 1/2" baby on December 20th.  She was just so pretty with her dark hair.  They induced me 2 weeks early with her - because I was so huge!  She was really due January 1st.  She was still a decent sized baby for 2 weeks early!

Here she is at her baptism at 2 months rocking her crazy monkey hair.  She wore her great, great grandpa Jack's gown -it was very special.

August 2007

Here I am again - this time with Everett - rocking out my too tight of jeans & orange tank top - the only things that fit.  As you can tell - our trailer was quickly being outgrown with toys!

Here is Everett - my 8lb 11 oz 21" baby boy.  He was born August 16 - 4 days late.  He was a chunk.  My body doesn't do the going into labor thing on it's own for some reason so I was induced again.  The Dr. said he had a ton of black hair during delivery.  Well, I was shocked to realize - umm no - he's practically bald compared to his big sister.  PS - my husband has beautiful eyes & lashes - and he passed them on to my babies!

Here we are at home.  Aubrie is wearing her brand spanking new glasses.  She was still a baby herself at 20 months.  I was so happy that she could actually see my face when I held her - and her brothers too!  Everett was quite the chub & slept constantly - a huge change from his big sister who never ever slept.  I still had Abbie's nose in this picture & I look exhausted and I'm sure that I was!


  1. Your poor feet!! I was huge too. But in the end it's all worth it. It's funny how we forget what it was like at the end and we do it again.
    Happy Friday,

  2. gosh your babies are so big! i seriously cannot believe aubrie is 4! your feet were ridiculous. why didn't you ask me for your stretching video to post, i think i still have it haha!

  3. Oh my gosh girl...those feet! Ouch! Your babies are just so darn cute though...makes those big brown Crocs worth it! ;o) ~mary~

  4. Isn't it so worth it though...I gained 50-60 lbs with all three of mine I was so uncomfortable! I can so relate!

  5. you look a lot like me in that baptism picture. lucky you! that's a good lookin nose! its still so bizarre to me that aub is 4 and ev is 2. they got big fast sis.

  6. I can't believe your feet! :)

    Aubrie and my Jackson are 9 days apart!


  7. Your feet and ankles look to of been sooo very sore! Mine swell up at the end of the day, and really causes me alot of pain and discomfort.. and I'm not pregnant, just bad circulation I think.. One of those getting old thingies!

    Your babies are all sooo darling! Love all their black hair!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. poooor ankles :(
    I had those the few days after having Cash and it was horrible!

    The photos of your babies are SO sweet.

    And you were not lying them babies stretched you out right nice!

  9. you poor darling! you still looked gorgeous though:O)
    maggie looks so young in that picture!
    you babies are as always, adorable- love her little baby chubby arms holding Everett:O)

  10. OMG Annie, Maggie always said how big your ankles got but I thought she was exaggerating lol. I can't get over Aubrie's baby pic, she is so stinkin cute, and I never would have guessed Ev was such a chunk! Those are really cute pics, thanks for sharing.

  11. Awww, thanks for sharing these with us! I am sure all that was so worth your little bundles of joy!

    Happy Weekend, Anne!


  12. your babies were beautiful!
    the cankles....not so much :)

    luckily that goes away~~

    have a lovely weekend~

  13. You are so brave, girl! The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant, I went from a 6.5 shoe to the pair of 10 Keds my Mom had to buy me the day I went to the hospital. They almost had to cut my wedding ring off - I was too stupid to take it off in time. Coolest part was, I was back in my 6.5 Keds in a few days - thank the STARS! Hard to believe if you don't go through it though, huh?!?

  14. Oh ya, the swelling...How quickly you can forget!!! Never had it with the first as he came a month early, but with number 2 she was only 2 weeks early (diabetes/PIH with both)so I was swollen for a week or two-that was enough! I feel for ya, girl!!! That is a long time to be in pain...You sure made some cutie pies though! :-)

  15. Oh the babies were so cute and all that hair!!! I was induced to with my first six each one!! Number 7 and 8 were c-sections:)


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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