Friday, January 1, 2010


It's a brand spanking new year. We all make resolutions and most of us tend to break those almost as fast as we make them.

I'd love to say I'm going to take up working out religiously and lose weight. I have a treadmill and a bow flex - so it's plausible - and really doable, but I'm lazy! However, I do really need to consider this idea!

This year I think I'm going to make a resolution to work hard and make Ethel Edith a success. My sisters and I really want to do a spring show, possibly a booth at least one time at 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, and a fall or Christmas show. In order to do this - well we have a lot of work! Since we all work real jobs - finding time is a bit difficult!

We need to get out junking, painting, upcycling and more! I'm praying my new Christmas camera aids in better picture taking for the store blog. I apologize blog readers - the colors of our pieces are distorted by my hideous camera & my house wall colors are very bold, but the pictures really make them look unattractive when they are fabulous!

Beyond that we have to prepare my garage for a spring show. Even better - we need to prepare the red barn at my parents house for an actual store!! How exciting is that? A real store you can visit! I'm very excited about it, but it's going to take a lot of work and a lot of weekends that seem to come and go so fast.

So I ask my prayer warriors to say a prayer for me and the sisters. That we stay on task, stay focused, and junk it up! And even more of a prayer - that people like what we do, and that they want to shop our stuff! That's a huge key to our success!


  1. i love the end table i the first picture!! so cute.
    i'm sure you will do great with your spring show, and i'd love to make it up to see!!!
    also, btw- if you guys are ever down this way for shopping or STL sightseeing, hit us up!! we could have lunch or just meet up somewhere. Happy New Year!

  2. make that *in the first picture. must be buzzed from my ONE drink last night:O) lol.

  3. Annie-

    I glared at the treadmill and bowflex this morning. Then I threw some laundry over them. (snicker)

    I am just so excited for you girls. I know you'll do great and be a success. Your blog and the Ethel Edith blog are both fabulous!
    Good luck to you and your sisters.
    2010 is your year!

  4. I love that pink dresser, love the 3 shades of pink :)

  5. Happy New Year, Annie! I know you and your sisters will be able to reach all the goals you have for Ethel Edith. I'm looking forward to following your journey :)


  6. You and your sisters will be unstoppable in 2010! I look forward to being on the journey with you!


  7. Happy new year! Can't wait to check out more of your blog, that little pink dresser is darling!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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