Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Papa Loves Mama

My Dad is a special man.  He's the type of man everyone hopes their daughter marries.  He's a manly man.  He loves to read (this shocks people because he's quite a hick too), he leaves my Mom romantic love letters, he loves to mentor unruly boys & turn them into men with a purpose, he loves his job - which is farming, cattle & anything else he picks up, he puts his family first & always helps out, and most importantly he has always loved my Mom.  That's the best gift a father can give to his children - I believe!

My Dad was instrumental in building our house.  He taught my husband so many things & we will forever be grateful to him.  We never even imagined we would build a house.  A fixer upper in the country was our hope, but building a house on our dream land - with Jade's two hands - no hired contractor - never thought about it at all.  Until Dad said we could do it.  So I promise him when he's old and needs help, he can move into my basement & use my pink bathroom.  He replies - he'll burn it down first!  He's ornery too!

Here is my dad in the center.  This was some of the coldest weather we had.  I will never forget when they put the roof on the house.  I took chili for lunch & about died it was so cold.

Here is is again putting the first floor joists & sheeting I think they are called on.

He loves my kids & is a great Pa.  He also has a black eye here - probably from fighting a cow.  Which you are thinking - he fights cows?  Oh yes, he is like a ninja with the cows.  You now are thinking - cows aren't aggressive.  Well sometimes when you try and put them in a chute to fix a broken foot or pink eye - they get aggressive & they head butt you, they kick you hard, and they knock you down.  Cows are mean, they run, & with the amount of weight they are working with - they can seriously injure a person.  If you are my Dad & they knock you down - you then poke them in the eye.  Which I think is hilarious!  Please note - he loves his cows too.  He talks & sings to them & if he calls Sicalf real loud - they follow him like children - chase him on his gator rather to the food - most of his cows are in love with him.  However, some try and fight him and that's when they get poked in the eye - it's the life you lead with cattle.

He is a jack of all trades.  He can run equipment, weld, build anything you want, plumb, do electrical work - he's an overall handy man to have around.

When it comes to lifting - he's not afraid here either.  He's holding my porch post on his shoulder all nonchalant.  Well that baby was big - and heavy!  See the finished picture below.  PS - he built these too!

He loves when the kids visit his farm.  He wears overalls & Carhartts.  He drives a semi-truck - or two.  He can't wait to make Everett a farmer - which for a 2 year old - he's already succeeding!

Then he can also hold a stick if you tell him to.  It's very important if you want a level basement!

Thanks Dad for everything, especially loving my Mom & letting her stay home with us girls as we grew up!


  1. oh geez! i swear i cry every morning at stinking BLOGS! our dad is the best! he has molded all our husbands from wimpy boys into strong men. just look at kylie 5 years ago, he mowed the lawn in a circle! haha now he's driving tractor and throwin hay bales. house #2 is ready for a good crew, so jump on board jade reid, and grab a paint brush annie-you owe me! and i just might be in the same situation you were!

  2. Love your post Annie! Your Dad reminds me a whole bunch of my own Dad... He was a jack of all trades too! He was always there to lend a helping hand, no matter what needed to be done, or who needed his help! Dad went to be with the Lord going on 4 years now, at the age of 77 and I sure do miss him ever so much! Love both of your parents as much and as long as you can, that's for sure!

  3. Oh geez Maggie - I forgot about painting your house! Maybe you'll go all white - that would be easy right?!?

  4. Annie-
    What a beautiful post! Your whole family sounds wonderful.

    I'm having visions of him dressed in all black now... cow ninja. LOL
    Great pictures.
    Dads are the best!


  5. That is a very sweet post. I love it that your dad writes your mom love notes. And I vote that we have painted enough of Maggie's houses I mean trailers, I think 3 trailers equal at least one house! haha j/k you know we'll be there to help

  6. What a wonderful guy:O)
    Awesome to know that your parents are so in love and committed to each other, your whole life!
    your house is really built(and painted) with love.

  7. Janie did you just quote Ben Folds?!

  8. You are so lucky and it's great that you know it, that is such a beautiful post!!

  9. ha ha - my Dad just called & said to stop blogging about him. I think I may have to do a weekly Dadisms post now just to blog about him some more :)

  10. Yes I did quote Ben Folds and Annie you brought tears to your Dad's eyes!! Mine too but I am used to it with these dang blogs!!

  11. I love reading your blog. I tried to sign up as a follower but discovered if I use our email address it comes up in Greg's name. I thought you might find that somewhat creepy. LOL You all are such a great family and I love that. Cathy


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