Sunday, January 3, 2010

Real Marriage

Real marriages are about committing yourself to your partner for the rest of your life. Promising to love them when you are sick and poor, wrinkly or fat - and most importantly keeping that promise.

Real marriages are about putting each other first - even before your kids - because you know one day those kids will move out leaving you as a married couple alone. You want to love each other even more than the day you married. You don't want to be roommates, but stronger soul mates.

Real marriages are about admitting when you are wrong, and apologizing even when you think you are right. They are about hugs & kisses, love letters, and sweet surprises.

Real marriages are about making each other a better person. They are about raising your voices together to the Lord in prayer for your family, and teaching your family about the power of prayer.

Real marriages face the struggles of lost loved ones together - putting your hearts into each others hands to heal the wounds & continuing to move forward.

Real marriages are about working side by side. Always remaining a team - a front to battle your kids & outside forces. Putting your blood, sweat, and tears into creating a home for your family, and providing a better life for your kids.

Real marriages are about providing loving examples to your children. About making them strong, independent, confidant people - but making sure they are all that filled with compassion. It's about giving your children the tools to succeed, and ensuring that they know what it takes to be a life partner to their future mate.

Real marriages are about holding hands, kissing under the mistletoe, and celebrating milestones together. They are about sharing each others success & passions in life.

My parents have all of these things and so much more. I strive to be the wife & mother my Mom is, and I strive to build my husband up to the man my Dad is. Because of our parents & the lessons they taught us, we expect the above things from each other & encourage the growth of love, communication, & trust in our marriage. I know that marriage isn't easy. Especially in a society that focuses on the I. Marriage takes a lot of hard work and some days it's not fun. My best wedding advice was from my pastor. It was to treat my marriage like a garden because you will truly get out of it what you put into it - so very true.

So today I want to wish my parents a very happy 29th wedding anniversary. They are amazing individuals, but an even better team. I wouldn't be who I am without them in my life. I love you both so very much. Now that I'm a married adult & Mom - I have so much more understanding of everything you have given me over the years. I will forever be truly grateful to be your daughter!


  1. What a sweet daughter. I hope your parents have a fabulous anniversary.


  2. Annie-
    That was very beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary to your Parents.


  3. OK, back to the comment you left on my post! 6th ROW KENNY - LOVE IT! My friend and I are friendly Kenny stalkers. We see him 3 times a year. Quad Cities, Summerfest in Milwaukee (which is the BEST) and usually Las Vegas. Front row, usually. I can't get enough... I know...its weird. Anyway, about this post...Congrats to Mom & Dad! Mine just celebrated their 52nd anniversary (lets remember I am the 8th kid) Can you imagine? 52 years. Wow. So glad to see you honor your Mom & Dad like that! ~mary~

  4. Aw gee, the blogs you girls write are hard on my mascara. I love you! xoxo Mom

  5. God bless you and your beautiful family!

    : )

    Julie M.

  6. This is so neat! I'm not sure how I got to your website but to read "Real Marriage" is refreshing. Honestly I've been to the point where I've almost lost hope that there are good marriages out there. But now I see you guys have the same feelings I do about what marriage should be!! I"m glad to see there are successful marriages!!Thanks again!!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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