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In 2011 I had recently delivered our 3rd child, Ollie Faith.  She was born rocking an extra chromosome (Down Syndrome) and was immediately in heart failure requiring an open heart surgery to save her life.

I quit my job to become a stay at home Mom so I could raise her and be her home nurse until her surgery.  It was truly my dream job, but in the process I gave up a great career and forced our family onto a form of public aid.  Another kick in the gut!  Life was very hard and we were struggling to get out of a financial hole we were thrown into.

Then I found my way out, my plan B!!!  And I'm so passionate about how it changed our lives that I must share it with others!

  I started in an online fitness accountability group to find myself, lose my baby weight, and to regain my self confidence!  The accountability group completely changed my life!  I lost 40 pounds and I started paying it forward to others!  In turn I found my passion and purpose in life!

Within 3 years our family went from public aid to 6 figures all by helping others to achieve their goals!  I am searching for people just like me!  People looking for a plan B - looking for a way to help their families - to pay off debt - to travel the world - to pay for college funds - to create retirement plans - to give freely and often to charity!  

I'm looking for people who are willing to invest their hearts into helping others to in turn change their lives for ever!

If this is something that interests you please email me at!  I would be elated to hear from you!!!

More details can also be found at our team website ---->   Team 2.1!

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