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Interested in having me be your FREE personal fitness coach?  I host monthly fitness accountability groups to help others get healthy & fit just like I did!  Check out how I did it below and contact me on how to get started today!

      Day 1 - 157 lbs.  Size 14  5'4"                                       Current:  122 lbs.  Size 2/4

My transformation video & story:

How did you get fit?
I started July 11th at 157 lbs. & a size 14. After Ollie's open heart surgery I realized it was time for me to ACT & to be healthy myself. I joined a small fitness accountability group using Shakeology & TurboFire - both Beachbody products. After 60 days I was having amazing results so I signed up to coach & help others do the same. I finished P90X, Brazil Butt Lift, Chalean Extreme, Ultimate Reset, and dabbled in many other programs. After 6 months I had lost almost 40 pounds and can now wear a size 2/4 and weigh in at 122 lbs. I have never been this healthy in my adult life! I have been able to maintain my weight loss & I'm proud to not be skinny, but to be fit & strong!! If you want help - email me - I would love to be your free coach!! or hit up

What did you eat?
I'm addicted to Shakeology.  It is a meal replacement protein shake full of vitamins & minerals & superfoods.  I use it daily for breakfast just because it tastes great & the nutrition is the bomb diggity.  Chocolate with peanut butter & a banana is my favorite.  I also love the tropical strawberry with frozen strawberries & pineapples.  That made one meal a day.  I then had 2 snacks & 2 other meals.  I keep it very simple - salads, grilled meats with veggies for sides, chicken fajitas, chicken tacos, stir fry.  Snacks were any type of fruit, tablespoon of natural peanut butter, veggies, salsa with whole grain tortilla chips, protein bars (p90x bars are the best!), greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese sticks.

Check out my posts on eating clean & healthy snacks!!!

Completed programs?
TurboFire, P90X, Brazil Butt Lift, The Ultimate Reset (which I highly recommend), Chalean Extreme.  I've also dabbled in Insanity The Asylum, Les Mills PUMP, Les Mills Combat

How can you get started???
Email me NOW!
Share your short term & long term goals with me.  From there we will pick a program to help you reach those goals, set a nutrition plan, and get you started with Shakeology.  I host monthly 30 day fitness programs that I will plug you into for accountability and support.  I would love to help you get started, but first you have to commit.

How do  you measure progress??
IGNORE THE SCALE!!  It is NOT a measure of success.  Instead take pictures & measurements!  I HATED actually doing it myself day 1, but I am SO glad I documented my journey every 15 days with new stats & photos.  I have literally 6 months of shrinking Annie photos & every 15 days I could see progress!!  After all my hard work - I submitted my photos to the Beachbody challenge and won $1,000 - if I can do it, anyone can!!

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