Monday, April 26, 2010

Parade of Homes @ The House That Jade Built

Andy at Poppies at Play invited me to be a part of Parade of Homes, a virtual home tour featuring at least 3 rooms of 20 different homes. All this week 4 homes a day will be featured! I am home #4 on the list, so be sure to visit Poppies at Play to start at the beginning of the homes so you can tour all 20 houses on the list!

For those of you stopping by for the first time, my name is Annie. I'm married to my high school sweet heart Jade. I'm a mother to a sweet & imaginative 4 year old daughter, Aubrie, & a wild 2 1/2 year old tiny farmer, Everett.

(We obviously need a new family picture! This is from last spring!)

The House That Jade Built is the name of my blog because my husband built our home from the ground up with his own two hands. I'd like to welcome you to our colorful home, and thank you for coming by! Please come on inside.

Once you walk inside our front door, you immediately see the kitchen and the dining room straight ahead. You'll see that I am definitely not afraid of color. Every room in my house is painted a very bold and cheery color. It always makes a statement, but feels inviting as well.

This is the entrance to my home. I find my house to be very eclectic. I don't feel that I have one particular style because I buy what I love and I end up mixing many styles. Here I have paired old floor grates hung on the wall along with a vintage science poster about flower development. A large pulley rests on the cabinet beside a glass head filled with marbles. These are all things that I have fallen in love with. I am a huge fan of junk stores, flea markets, and rummage sales.

This large cabinet was a steal at $80. Originally it was a very dark but poor quality wood. I decided to paint it a very cheery yellow, and I topped it off with my vintage fan collection. We opted to purchase a cabinet rather than building a coat closet, and we love the look we have gained.

Immediately to the right of our kitchen is a small hall. This leads back to the master bedroom. The little cabinet was from my Mom's old antique store. I have a thing for old gray paint & little chairs.

Our master bedroom is bright an airy. It's painted a limey green color.

Our headboard was made by my husband from a 6 panel door when we were first married. When we built this house, I painted it red. I just love the color red and it works perfectly in this space. The decal above the bed is appropriate for us. We are high school sweet hearts, and 13 years later we are still the best of friends.

I sewed the throw pillows on our bed to match my bedding. The R is made from scrap fabrics braided and then sewn into shape for our last name. We have a down comforter and also pull the quilt up at night. I think there is just something about a down comforter that makes you sleep better!

My armoire was given to me from my Aunt when we were first married. It had a very dated 80's finish so I painted it red to match my headboard & distressed it so it would look aged. The tiny bed is for my beloved pug. On the wall is our marriage certificate along with some other gifts we were given about love.

Trudie says hi! If you are wondering, yes she often really sleeps in this bed!

The painting was done by my sister, Abbie. It's really unexpected & I love it! She actually made it for my husband before we were married. It's one of our favorite pieces in our house. Our bedroom is large enough that we put a turquoise desk in the corner. This is where I do my blogging & my husband does his land surveying / drafting work.

I have a clock collection so I displayed them on this old box wrapped in newspaper and strung them up on some twine. It's a great way to show off this interesting collection.

Now that you've seen the master bedroom, let's head back to the dining room. We have a very open floor plan so my kitchen is open to the dining space as well as the living room.

My harvest table was made for me by my Dad. I paired it with 6 leather parson chairs - the head chairs are larger more substantial chairs. It's the perfect size for our space and our family.

I painted this table first black, then a green color that I mixed on my own. I really distressed it to make it looked aged to better match to my kitchen island.

Right beside the dining area is our kitchen where I spend a lot of time preparing meals for our family of four. This is the view from my family room.

My kitchen island is one of my most prized pieces in my home. My husband & I purchased it at an antique show when we were building our house. We didn't want an island built to match our kitchen cabinets & we hit the jackpot when we saw this baby! It was $325, a steal for the age of it. It is an 1800's old store counter. It's the perfect size for an island in our kitchen, plus the patina of it is fabulous!

My kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I have a lot of vintage and quirky finds in my kitchen as well as some funky collections. I started collecting chickens when I was first married, after a very failed attempt at raising chickens! The rooster picture was painted by my sister, Abbie. I have paired the 5 sign with my hand collection. Another favorite in my kitchen is the Do Not Spit On The Floor sign. It is very appropriate for my wild 2 year old son who is often spewing chocolate milk all over the floor!

The R is an from an old movie marquee sign. The other signs I've collected from flea markets & junk stores.

Above my pantry door are old chalk vegetables from my grandma that I absolutely love. Behind my stove are actual iron door mats that I hung side by side. Oh and if anyone is available - I'm looking for a good Counter Girl!

Now that you have toured the kitchen, come on into the living room. This is where we spend a majority of our time. This is the view from the dining area.

Our TV cabinet is another fabulous treasure. It was actually given to me from my Mom. She's an old antique dealer, and her home is filled with treasures like these! The vintage eye charts I found on EBay. I tend to gravitate toward old rusty metal and industrial items. I have a collection of old head lamps in this cabinet. I think they are fun and unexpected.

This smaller cabinet came out of my Mom's storage shed. It's perfect for our family because it's filled with shelves that hold the piles and piles of puzzles & children's books that we have. On top of it I have an old divider bin and another sign I have collected.

I recently painted this coffee table hot pink. I'm loving it, and so is my 4 year old daughter. She was thrilled with the color when we finished it. The pillows on the couch were all made by me to go in this room.

This corner of the room holds another one of my favorite pieces. I scored this metal looking saw horse for $75. I put old tool boxes on top of it and it's a perfect fit. The cow painting was done by my sister, Maggie. I love it because my Dad is a cattle farmer & my house now sits on part of my Dad's old pasture land.

That's all folks! You have officially toured my three favorite rooms in my house! To see more of my house, as well as more pictures up close and personal with my furniture there are buttons on the sidebar to access all of the rooms in my house. You can also click on any of the pictures to enlarge them to see more.

Be sure to stop by house #5 tomorrow morning. Blue Cricket Design has an amazing home to show off!

Thank you all again for stopping by and I'd like to add a special thanks to Poppies at Play for inviting me to be a part of this exciting event!!


  1. Enjoyed seeing your home. Thanks for sharing. I am here as part of the house tour.

  2. When I have more time I am coming back to spend more time looking around your home. I adore the splashes of colour everywhere..I was really impressed how that pink looked in the living room. I never would have thought to use something like that, but it really does compliment the rest of the room..awesome job!

  3. Annie!
    You have such a fun home! I am inspired by your bold color choices! I love all of your furniture! That kitchen island is to die for!

    Thanks so much for participating! It was so nice to be able to click thru all four homes so early in the morning! You all rocked it today!


  4. I love all of the pretty colors but that kitchen island.... wow! I am in love. Just gorgeous! THanks for the tour. It made me happy!

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. I love your colourful style and your collections are fantastic (love the way you've displayed the clocks). Your home feels so welcoming and comfortable. And yes, I also covet your kitchen island!

  6. In the current fad of white white and more white, COLOR is so refreshing. SCRUMPTIOUS! Fabulous job. When can I move in? ;)

  7. Okay where do I begin??? Your house makes me giddy! I love all the color, the whimsy and oh my goodness, lovin the pink coffee table! I agree with your daughter! And of course those IKEA curtains always catch my eye when I am in the store! You know what my favorite is's so homey and funky and warm and inviting. What a fun place to call home! You have done a mahvelous job darling! I think you rock!!


  8. Oh ya and one more thing....if you notice that blue chair missing after your sale...well I really don't know anything about that:)

  9. Such a fun and whimsical space! I love the little chairs on top of your cabinet and your kitchen table and island are amazing! Thanks for the tour!

  10. So how often do you have to point to the "Do not spit on the floor" sign?

  11. Lookin good sis. Can't believe I didn't get an invite to feature my mobile home hahaha!

  12. For future reference, dear daughter, I am an ex- antique dealer not an old antique dealer!! hahaha Dang you!!

  13. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see a house full of color in today's worl of white. I love that you have fun in your decorating and you can truly see the personalities of the people within it's walls.

    When I got to your kitchen, I realized I had it saved in an inspiration file from Rate My Space from a long time ago. It was so fun to see the rest of the of the house.

    I'm glad you were on the parade so I could see the house.

  14. Your house is so alive and fun. Love all the colors. You are definately more daring than I.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  15. Very fun home Annie! I think I'd always be in a good mood if I lived in it :)
    I love that island too. My grandmothers house had an old like 1930's stove or something I told them to keep when selling her home, and I think they sold the house with it because no one would lift it out of the basement for me b/c it weighed a ton :(

    It was going to be my future fun counter piece in my kitchen.

  16. So much fun! I absolutely love everything in your home! It has such a happy, fun vibe! Great job!!

  17. Your home is SO fun! I about died laughing when I saw the "do not spit on the floor" sign! Thanks for sharing!

  18. your photos just make me smile! Love the mix of bright cheerful colors - I'm an eclectic gal as well - still building my own collection of pieces and flair in this area in my own home, but I certainly appreciate what you have done! ;)

  19. I love, love, love your style and use of color. I have sorely neglected my house (we moved in 2 weeks before my son was born) and "touring" your home has inspired me to make my own house a home. Thanks for letting us in to your home!

  20. Thank you all for stopping by & all the nice comments! I appreciate them so much :)


  21. I'm here from Poppies for the Home tour as well, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you mix funky stuff into your house. I'm totally inspired!

  22. I love that this parade is full of all type of decorating styles! Your home is so bright and makes me smile. I would have fun for hours looking through your home. So nice to meet you through this parade!

  23. So fun and quirky, I really love your freedom of style!!!

  24. I adore the style of your home. It's so cheery and fun. I doubt you can ever be depressed! You've done a beautiful job.


  25. Hi Annie, I'm so glad you are one of the Parade of Homes. Your use of color is so fun and fresh, and your artistic touch is apparent throughout your home :).

  26. I love all the color in your home. It is so welcoming and charming.

  27. I'm dying over here! I adore your home and your style! You are totally my kind of gal! If I could paint a bold color in my living room I would 1I have a similar blue in my bedroom and splashes of color all throughout! I;m In love! You make me want to redo my home! i'm House #5 so come say hello!

  28. Annie- what a happy beautiful home you've made!!! I cannot believe your husband built it & you have just made it so cheery & special.
    love all your color & you can just tell happy people live there!!
    lauren (#6 ;)

  29. How is it that I've never seen your blog before??? I love that I stopped by today. I adore all of the color you have going on. It's just such a great mix! And the pink coffee table is FAB! I would never be so brave. :)

  30. This is my first time! What a fun and cheery home, thanks for sharing.

  31. girl -- you've just got the eye for decorating!!! your house is awesome, eclectic, inviting, and fun - love it love it love it!!!

  32. Your home is so much fun! I love the way you use color. Bold, but it's all still very classic and it works. You are a true artist. I also love your quirky collections and that "Do not spit on the floor" sign is great.

  33. You have such a fun style! I also love that kitchen island. Too cool.

  34. I adore your house! LOVE the little chairs on the chest, and the clock display! Became a glad I found you on the tour of homes!

    Vicky @ sleeping in an unmade bed

  35. Your house is fantastic! Love the colors of all the walls!

  36. What a fun place! I really like the eclectic nature of everything. I too collect "things I love" and mix them up - even if they are rusty, chipped, or crazy!

    Way to go. Loved the No Spitting sign! Classic!

  37. Oh, and the clock collection is to die for!!! Lovin' it all!!! Your home should be featured in a magazine....

  38. It is so nice to see a home full of color instead of all the white that is being shown all the time now. I love how your home is full of whimsy and unexpected finds. I am new to your blog and must say your home is fabulous. Came over through the home parade and glad I did. Come by for a visit sometime. I'm not afraid of color either. Especially my sun room which is listed on my sidebar as my favorite room.

  39. Fantastic, something unique and fun.. I am liking it. And it is different from the usual. I am all for that..

  40. I have to agree that although I also love the homes that are bathed in white and linen, your house is AMAZING and the color is so fun and refreshing! Its FUN the minute you walk in the front door. I wanna come live there:)I jsut became a follower

  41. I just love the color in your home...we all need more color in our lives! :) Your clock collection is great and I love the way you displayed them. Also, I really love your fan collection.
    You have an awesome home with great ideas to inspire us all. Thanks so much for sharing it.
    The Tattered Tassel

  42. Hey Annie,
    Could you please change the link from Blue Cricket Design to this:

    Thanks so much!

  43. I adore your use of color. I don't know what you style is called either - I call it my kind of style :) I want to go paint something bright - right now! I had to start following you :)

  44. I am in love with your kitchen!!!

  45. Annie, Love all the color and the whimsical touches through out your home. I love the addition of unique items - super fun! Your kitchen island is TDF! Simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing - Hope you have a great weekend!

  46. Annie, I love the way you decorated with all the color! I can't imagine not be happy in this home! Your personality SHINES!

  47. WOW This your house so beautiful. Love the design, perfect color too.

    Paula M

  48. VERY fun house! I absolutely love how everything just GOES together!!

  49. I can't even begin to tell you how in love with your house I am!!! At our first home I had bright, bold greens and oranges and yellows and I just adored it!! Who can be grumpy walking into a bright green kitchen?? But then we moved into this house 3 years ago and I had it in my head to use warm neutrals so it would seem like an "adult house". It's just not me!! I want my colors back and I'm slowly but surely doing just that! Just finished painting my kitchen bright green (again!) and now I'm bringing turquoise into the whole 1st floor! Your curtains are the exact ones from Ikea that I've been coveting! This is getting long, but just wanted to tell you I feel like you're the (decorating) person I've always aspired to be! Come do my house!!

  50. Can I just say your house is truly my favorite, I love that you don't have a set style, eclectic is definetly my favorite!

  51. Annie, I'm oving your home. Perfect! Everything!
    Your work is wonderful.
    I like to recycle a lot of thing to home. See my blog.

    Kisses from Brazil

  52. luxury homes uk

    I really like your design and use of shade. I have sorely ignored my home (we shifted in 2 several weeks before my son was born) and "touring" the home has motivated me to create my own home a home. Thanks for allowing us in to your home!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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