Friday, February 25, 2011

Wild Kratts

My kids are obsessed with a PBS  show, Wild Kratts.


Yesterday Aubrie built a "creature power suit".

This is her making the face that Chris makes on the show.  Yeah...I know!

She went all out & cut and taped everything by herself.  She made a boot.

and a glove - why not pairs - I do not know.

The feature was the anteater vest.  That's right she's an anteater.

Then, she put on a play about the creatures.  She's something else this little lady. 

They ask every single day when the new show is on.  Everyday I say 4:00.  Everyday they argue with me on when 4:00 is.  When it's 4 - pure joy for a new episode about a new creature.  Thank you PBS.

She's growing up way too fast!  T-ball this spring, kindergarten this fall, big helper/sister.  Geez - too much too soon!

PS - Everett calls it Wild Craps - oh yes he does!


  1. What a creative girl!! Very cool. I haven't heard of that show, but I'm sure it'll be in our future...have to look out for it. :-)

  2. wow. she did an awesome job. i have never heard of that show before.. whats it about???

  3. I used to watch that show as a child, it was with real actors and not cartoons, you should look up old episodes on you tube for them!

  4. Bahahaa! Well, of course he does!! Love your kiddos!.... always so entertaining!!

  5. Wild Craps! That's fantastic! Are we sure Ev is not somehow related to John? aka non jeiserman?

  6. Our world now revolves around the 5:00 PM time-slot. We used to eat around 5:20, now we have to wait an extra 10 minutes. I will say, it makes dinner prep a little quieter.


  7. I love it. Very talented. really creative. I will be watching for her costume/craft blog soon. :)



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