Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Life Now

Before we could leave the hospital Ollie had to take a 2 hour car seat test.  She failed the first one, Jade & I were crapping ourselves & praying she'd pass!  After a 2nd, yes 2nd, bottle, she went into her usual coma & passed with flying colors.

Now that she is home, she's lying on a bili box pretty much full-time.  She only gets out to eat, a small amount of cuddle time, and back to the bed.  I'm really sick of watching her sleep, and not rocking her!  Trudie has already assumed the position of nanny.

After being up several times in the night, we were all exhausted.  Jade for some reason is into Fox news lately.  Why???  I do not know.  Obama's speech threw Aubrie into a coma...

Jade also has become a narcoleptic.  He can't get over the fact that I've been up like this in night (every 3 hours then up for an hour) with the other two kids.  He knew in the past I did it, but he never lived the life.  Now that he's helping with Ollie, he's about to die.  Welcome to Mom world!

Tonight Ollie was wide awake after sleeping all stinking day.  The kids were dying.

They got to hold her "alone".  Aubrie is in love.  She said her sister is great, and she brings a tear to her eye.  She's been a big help.  She gets diapers & wet wipes for me, and even picked out clothes for Ollie.  She's pumped about her sister.

Everett loves his sister too, but isn't quite as pumped about it.  He finally got his chance to hold her alone tonight.  He was loving it.

Ollie likes her big brother and sisters a lot too.  They can't wait to throw the bili bed to the curb so we get some real cuddle time.

Our focus from here on out is keeping her healthy & gaining weight.  She has to get up to 11 pounds, which sounds easy, but as soon as her heart failure starts, her heart will work like she's running a marathon, burning off food way faster than a typical baby.  So every.ounce.counts when she's eating.  We also have to be germ nazis.  We bought wall mounted hand sanitizers...we really did & are so anxious for them to arrive.  The kids get stripped and bathed when they arrive home from school.  Company has to be very very limited because she will become so exhausted if she's man handled much...exhaustion means deep sleep & in turn struggling to feed her.  No kids are allowed at all.  We feel bad, we want to show her off, but the doctor said our job is to get her surgery ready.  So doctors orders.  We hope to show her off to the world soon!  But as long as cold/flu season is on like donky kong this little girl is staying in a bubble.

P.S.  She can only wear a diaper in her bili bed hence the lack of clothing all the time!


  1. Look at those kids...OMG. The older two have such proud faces and Miss Ollie is enjoying her sister and brother and she's rocking the diaper only look! I love her round belly. :) You're doing the right thing by keeping her home and as peaceful and un-germy as possible. I posted a link to your blog on mine. I hope you don't mind. The more people sending healthy, healing thoughts and prayers the better. I do so love seeing all the pictures, too!

  2. I wanna come to Illinois and squeeze her!!!

  3. She looks so beautiful, Annie! You have such a gorgeous family, I will pray that you all get the rest you need:)

  4. damn you bili bed I want you gone!!!

  5. Big Sister and Big Brother seem so proud! I'm sure it's killing you not to be able to cuddle your sweet girl! Hopefully she'll be off the bed soon! You cracked me up about your husband...sometimes they just have no idea until they have to live it!

  6. you know, it's HEARTLESS to show that squishy buddha belly...BEGGING to be kissed by fans in the thousands...AND announce her quarantined status in the same post. :0) xoxox

    way to go, super family!!! that girl OBVIOUSLY has the coolest set of siblings around...just can't get enough of the 3 of 'em. good work, mom.

  7. She is absolutely perfect!Your doing a wonderful job on everything, but try {try} to not get too stressed. Ollie may make it much, much further than 3 months. Don't underestimate her strength!I totally get the limiting visitors. We too ha to do it when we brought V home and then again when the seizures started. Look at it as extra love time! :) You have a beautiful family! Welcome home! {{Hugs}}

  8. She looks like she's getting some little fat rolls on her sweet baby legs. What a cutie!
    Big sister and brother are just precious in their love for her.
    Glad she passed her test and you got her home.

  9. Beautiful pictures of big sister and big brother with Ollie. Hopefully your days and nights will get sorted out and of course that Ollie will be surgery ready. I know since you are all on it, it will happen! Ann {{Ollie}}

  10. The pics were great. What a little pot belly! So cute! I loved the pic of Trudie standing guard at the pack n play! Love ya!


  11. I wanted to say hello - I found your blog from Patti's. Ollie is gorgeous! It sounds like we're on a very similar journey - our Bailey is almost 4 months old and has her surgery for AV canal defect at the end of March. We're very familiar with trying to keep the germs away and fighting for her to eat just one more oz! :) You have a beautiful family!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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