Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twin Talk

Forewarning - This post is going to talk about nursing.  If you are not interested in milking mamas...do NOT proceed.

Boobs are mysterious things...

They really are.

You'd think that nursing would be an easy job right?  We were born with a pair of feeding utensils - it should be easy.  Well that's what I thought when I had Aubrie.  It was not.  She took a good 2 weeks to get the hang of nursing.  She screamed, I cried, I was topless most of the day.  Most of my family witnessed this terrible sight, some of them even man handled me trying to help.  It was quite the ordeal.  I lost every bit of modesty I had during that time.  Dad said it was fine - he's seen a million cows "tits" - thanks Dad.  However, I had success & nursed Aubrie for a good year.

Aubrie Grace 12-20-05

Everett was born & immediately nursed like a pro.  The only problem with him was the pain.  I seriously believe nursing maybe worse than labor.  They don't tell you enough about this in lactation classes.  And it doesn't get better with each baby - it's the same terrible pain.  It lasts a good 2 weeks.  It feels like your baby has razorblades for teeth.  You crack, you bleed, you deep breath for the first 20 seconds every time you nurse.  Then, on top of it you have contractions.  It is awful, but totally worth it.  Eventually that goes away and life is good.  I nursed Everett until he self weaned around 10 months.

Everett Mason 8-16-07 & Miss Aubrie at 20 months

With both my kids when I'd go back to work, my milk production would drop because I'd pump when I was away from them.  I'd take Fenugreek, an herbal supplement - and like 15 a day - it was ridiculous.  I'd smell like maple syrup & so would the baby.  It was part of it, but by golly it'd work like a charm.  I'd take my pump with me to work daily like a sack lunch.  I hated my pump.

Ollie Faith 2-10-11

Miss Ollie can't nurse.  She did in the hospital, and then it became just too much.  She's too tired and uninterested.  Every now and then I can get her to latch on for about five minutes - and I am THRILLED!  I was really sad about this, and now I'm OK with it.  I just pump full-time and she takes a little bottle.  I now hate my pump.  I date it every 3 hours during the day and once in the middle of the night.  I had a lot of milk issues this time around that I've never had before.  My milk didn't come in like normal.  It wouldn't let down, I had a low supply.  I never knew this was possible!!  Probably because of the stress, the lack of sleep, the lack of eating & drinking well in the hospital.  So I called my lactation lady, and my goodness we have the BEST lactation resource ever in our area.  She's seriously spectacular.  You call her pager anytime & she's on it, and she's full of knowledge.  I heart her in a big way!  Pamela Hood you are fabulous!!

She suggested oatmeal.  One serving per day.  Then, eat and drink like I'm pregnant.  That's it.

I thought really..oatmeal...I also thought really when she suggested cold cabbage when I had a blocked duct, but that worked like a charm.  Ladies - cold cabbage bras are the best!  So I'm religiously eating oatmeal.  My milk supply has DOUBLED!  I am thrilled.  Ollie is growing chubby & eating like a pro so far.  I have quite the milk stash growing in the fridge...to the point I finally may get to freeze some!  It's like liquid gold - every drop lost makes you sad - it really does.

I also ordered a special needs bottle.  It allows you to dial up the resistance to teach Ollie to suck harder.  My hope is after her heart surgery she'll finally nurse.  That I can finally say hell to you pump.  We shall see.

For now, I will date this pump religiously.  It's great nutrition for Ollie, plus for those that are unaware - I'm burning a ton - I believe 500 if memory serves me right - calories per day by breast feeding.  Boo ya - I can't wait for my old jeans to fit again!


  1. Pam is the Best! I had called her pager so many times that she recognized my number! She truly is a GREAT resource.

  2. I know the pump sucks (pun intended, ha ha ha) but it's so great that you are doing it for Ollie. There's nothing greater than breastmilk! And I hope you'll be able to dump the pump after her surgery!

  3. All the midwives I work with suggest cabbage bras and I will recommend them to my breastfeeding mothers because it really does work!

  4. I have a hankering for oatmeal with a coleslaw chaser, but dang it I am on a fast!

  5. I really have not been in the blog loop lately. But wanted to congratulate you on the new beautiful Baby Ollie. Many people have prayed and will continue to pray for this precious angel! I am very glad I stopped by. I breastfed all my five kids. It was such a wonderful experience and I loved my pump. I had the luxury of working with the best bunch of gals and I could walk around with that portable pump under my shirt and still work. We worked the 3-11 shift in a hospital and it was very quiet, not many other folks around in the Admissions office! Ha Ha! Best wishes to all of you. Your family is beautiful Annie! Hugs Anne

  6. Oh, that Ollie is sweet! I hated pumping too. I nursed both of my boys until they self weaned. Praying that special need bottle works so you can kick that pump to the curb!

  7. Hang in there Annie ! As u said it is worth it! Tell yr hubs and kids I saw an alligator today! Ann ((Ollie))

  8. so sorry miss ollie is tiring out so soon....but i am so glad you are sticking with it! i know the pump is sooo not fun since i had to do it for almost 3 months :( but hopefully the medela bottle will get that girl nursing full-time just like it did magpie :) and you sure do make pretty babies ;)

  9. What a beautiful baby girl! Best wishes to you and your family.


  10. I used a nipple shield with V for a few weeks and then she nursed like a champ. Now that's all this stubborn girl will do. Im sorry that you having difficulties nursing Ollie but by continuing to pump and provide for her in that was is just awesome. Good for you! I hope that she is doing well in all other areas!

  11. eat some liver too! and eggs and real homemade bone chicken stock! get you some good fats & proteins :O)
    way to go lady- i had an awful time pumping and nursing in the beginning- OH the agony!!
    p.s. will you email me your mailing address again?

  12. You are awesome for trying and experimenting to get your supply up. It is exhausting, and different with every child! Best of luck!!

  13. Oh Lord are you bringing back the memories for me. I remember that pain all too well. I also hated my pump and couldn't wait to be rid of it. Now that I only nurse at night and early morning, I no longer have to haul that thing to the office with me. I'm sad that you are not able to nurse her right now, but it will happen and it will be a wonderful bonding experience, of course you know that though. She is so cute Annie! I just love her hair.

  14. I breastfed 4 of mine. The last two didn't wean until they were almost 2. When my youngest was born with that magical extra chromosome, I tried, and tried, and tried. It never worked. I even tried to pump for several weeks, the supply never quite fit the need.

    As far as nursing goes, my daughter lacked the energy, endurance, and had no interest at all in the action of sucking. Her favorite activity was sleeping. She was a very quiet sleepy little girl who never complained about anything, not ever.

    The biggest most complicated job for me in that first year was getting her to eat. We had a few ng tubes, followed by a long stint of 32 calorie formula thickened to address aspiration and reflux concerns. Feeding time required me to be creative, because she never had any interest in it.

    I resorted to tactics like completely undressing her, and rubbing her feet with a cool wet washcloth. It was a chore, but eating is so important, so I did my part to ensure she got what she needed.

    When I look back on this first year, the extra chromosome had very little role in my those infant first year concerns. Keeping her eating was my primary focus. She is almost 7 now. She is a good eater and growing like a weed.

    There are still moments when I wish that I could have shared that special bond with her by way of nursing, but those are few and far between. My advise to you is to do what you can to do what you believe is important, but don't get too overwhelmed if it doesn't go as planned, or you have to resort to an alternative.

    I'm loving all the wonderful photos you have been sharing. What a gorgeous family you have.

  15. Hi, I found you through Patti and Lily's blog. My fourth girl has Ds and wasn't able to nurse either. I pumped (hated every minute of it) for 5 months. After heart surgery, she was SUCCESSFULLY able to breastfeed and did so until she was almost two. It is so worth the wait and the work. Stick with it and if you want to email me about this more, I am happy to help others. You have a beautiful family.

  16. Annie,
    I have been pumping every 3 hours around the clock for 6 months. I also hate my pump, I swear in the middle of the night it talks to me! Kaydence was a preemie and had a feeding tube for the first month of life, then was unable to nurse well enough to gain weight, she needs every calorie to be used to grow. I too was disappointed, but I will do whatever I can to keep her healthy and growing. I had/have trouble with my milk supply, but do the best I can. I just went back to work this past month so im dragging the pump everywhere with me. I swear I have pumped just about everywhere at this point! So, you are not alone, and it is doable. You have lots of people cheering you and ollie on!

    Erin Eschbaugh Hein


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