Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bath Time

Now that Ollie is finally done with her Bili bed and she has lost her umbilical cord - she can take real baths & use lotion!

My other two babies used to scream after baths.  Typical Ollie never cries.  Loves the bath, loves the towel, loves the lotion.

She has the most hilarious hair ever!

The front looks like it has been buzzed, half way back on her head starts the Mohawk.  When she's sparkly clean it sticks out everywhere.

She's a doll, and says hello!

Oh and she is nursing more thanks to you friends & nipple shields.  Aubrie is thrilled she's nursing on my "bibs".  At least if she drops the word bibs at school or out and about people won't be shocked and appalled!


  1. Yay skullet! It is the new mullet. And hooray for bibs!

  2. Love that sweet post-bath baby smell! There's just nothing like it. Glad you all (Ollie included) are finally able to enjoy it! And I'm so glad to hear that nursing is going well.

    My daughter had crazy, dark hair like that too and I figured it'd all fall out (like her brother's did) but she never lost any of it!

  3. She is sooooo cute!! Love her hair! Btw, nipple shields were the only way I was able to nurse Samantha, too. It's a super-messy business, but it essentially gets the job done. Glad she's done with the bilibed!! :-)

  4. Awww...I am almost smell the baby bath through my screen. And she is totally rockin' that mohawk! Love it!


  5. Love the Ollie-Mohawk! Glad the nursing is going better. Bibs!!! Now why didn't I think of that - I can only imagine what my son went to school and said about what I was doing with his baby sister... Ann {{Ollie}}

  6. That picture in the pink towel is pin up girl quality, I tell you. My favorite smell is baby lotion. Makes me feel safe and loved....and Miss Ollie is definitly that! Her hair is ROCKIN'! :)

  7. miss maggie rocked the mullet too! it was out of control until about 3 months old! and my girls always said 'bumps' instead of 'bibs'...not sure where 'bumps' came from! rayley beth would always ask 'is maggie going to eat your bumps now?'...too funny! ollie and all her cuteness is making me have new baby fever :)

  8. She is adorable! Looking at the pictures I can almost smell that sweet sweet baby smell.....


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