Saturday, February 5, 2011

When HE speaks...

I just found out that February 7th - 14th is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week.  It seems so appropriate as it is the week that Miss Ollie arrives, and they say she has an AV Canal Defect in her heart.

When we found out about Ollie's possibility of having Down Syndrome, it was October 4th, 2010.  Very quickly, Jade & I learned that October is National Down Syndrome awareness month.  The blogging community for DS - which I had never knew even existed - was blogging 31 days for 21 chromosomes.  The amount of information from real families...their birth stories, their lives with their children...were everywhere to be found.  It was a huge help for me.  I met so many mothers through these blogs, and the amount of helpful information was everywhere.  I would share these stories of these blogs with Jade and we would laugh out loud at some of these blogs & also cry over them.  I can't put into words how great these blogging mamas are!

Sometimes, God speaks to you in subtle ways when you don't know it.  It never ceases to amaze me.  I don't know his plan for Ollie just yet, but he has definitely prepared my heart for her in every way.  His plans are perfect, as is she.


  1. First, I never had a chance to comment on the awesome "pipe shelves". What a fantastic idea. Your path seems to be paved with coincidence and purpose. There are things at work that we just can't explain and will eventually be revealed. Isn't something that you had all that info at your disposal when you needed it? Whichever path Ollie ends up following you will have so much information and support to guide you. Years ago this wouldn't have been available. Just the fact that Ollie will be born in these times is a miracle because she will get the most up-to-date medical care available. You have a great first weekend with your full house! Ann.{Ollie}}

  2. I just began writing a blog title God Speaks. This was before I saw your. It seems He is speaking a lot today. :)

  3. Wow!!!! You have such grace. I have been amazed by your beautiful family since i started reading your blog, maybe a week ago. Thank you. And I will pray continuously for Ollie. When is she due again?

  4. Hi Annie. Will pray that all goes smoothly and that there is such peace surrounding your family. We really do serve an amzing God and I know He'll carry you through this as He's carried you through the pregnancy.

  5. He lifts us up when we need it, huh?
    i can't believe this week is here already.
    Praying that everyone gets settled in well and that you have some restful nights before Ollie's big day:O)
    remind me which hospital she will be in?
    our friends having the twins at 34 weeks delivered at Barnes and now the girls are at Children's (which is attached). i am going sometime this week to visit the twins so maybe i will get to check on you too:O) i have a little tiny something for Ollie.

  6. I keep checking to see if Miss Ollie is here yet...I think it is funny that she seems to be running the same on awareness months as Elise is!!! I hope that she won't need surgery, and that there will be not complications! I am praying hard for you!!!

    Love the pipe shelves! The colors and silver look SO beautiful together!!!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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