Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sister Wife

They always say a good man has a good wife right beside him...some say behind him, but let's be realistic they are side by side.

Well what about a good woman?

I am a good woman & it's because I have a sister wife...(Jade is great too!)  That's right a sister wife.  We are wives & sisters.  Mom doesn't dig that phrase, but Mags and I think it's pretty funny.

Me & Maggie

Please note - we do NOT share our men - that would be disgusting.  I love Kylie, but not that much.

I am enjoying my Maggie.  She helped me clean this weekend.  It takes me 3-4 hours to clean upstairs & down - BEFORE we added on their two bedrooms & anyone used the basement bathroom.  This weekend it was done in no time flat.  I cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed, she dusted & mopped.  Done.  Amazing.  LOVE it!  She's home on Mondays & most of Thursdays.  We pal around in our PJ's with no makeup - we are pretty.  Our hair and it's ridiculousness rivals each others on these days!  Hers is wild crazy curls & mine is snap on Lego man helmet hair.  We are stunning.

We co-parent.  She has no problem chewing my kids' butts and trust me it's needed.  We are quite the pair.  We have nearly matching mini-vans & people think we are twins.  Talk about a confidence boost for being 5 years older!  Boom!  We are stupid in a good way together.

  Now, if I could just SHRINK back down to my old size - I could wear her darn cute clothes.  Trust me she has REALLY cute clothes & I'm sick about it!!  I want them to fit my butt.  She loves to cook & prepares massive meals.  Which isn't helping my butt.  Luckily my feet grew another half size so I MAY be able to steal her shoes now.

Uh huh I have a house wife.  Yes!  It's fantastic!  Seriously every woman deserves a house wife.  I'm going to be sick about it when they move out.  I may move with them, or sneak into their house every evening to eat.


  1. I'm so jealous...I just may have to try to find myself one of those.

  2. How awesome! My sister and I used to help each other out too, but now she has 7 kids and I have 6, so we can really only batten down our own hatches these days!

  3. You had me at the title of this post. Hilarious!! Tell Janie Girl I think it's funny. :)

  4. You could be twins! what a great thing to have yr own housewife! Great sisters. Ann ((ollie))

  5. Oh my goodness Annie! I can not believe I forgot to tell you this, but when John was helping your guys w/drywall he started referring to you and Maggie as Anngie(pronounced ann gee not angie)...the first time he did it I thought I misheard him so I ignored him, but the next time I called him out and he totally laughed at himself. He had to admit he gets the two of you terribly mixed up...he knows you are married to Jade and Maggie is married to Kylie, that you work at SSI and Mag is a hair stylist. However, if one of you walks in a room he is always unsure which one you are so his ridiculous solution is to refer to both of you as Anngie so he is always right. My protests that you are vastly different fall on deaf ears. I've even tried likening it to how people always mistake him for Jeremy and vice versa and they look nothing alike. He's not having it. In his mind you are identical twins. So I guess Anngie you will be (at least in John's twisted little world)...sorry bout that, but I must admit Anngie is light years better than MANNIE. Lol


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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