Monday, February 28, 2011

Growing Like Weeds

Ollie is sweet, as is my Jade.  He looks exhausted, and he was.  Not from getting up in the night, but from working cattle.  Ollie looks exhausted, and she was, but just because she loves to sleep!

Everett...well he's just hilarious.  This picture was taken by Jade asking Everett to pose.  It is hysterical.

These two have been a great time.  They fight a lot.  Trust me - a lot!  However, they are still the best of friends.

Aubrie bosses Everett.  He typically obeys.  They are hilarious like that.

This piggy piggy is chubbing up!

She goes to the pediatrician this afternoon for a checkup.  I'm anxious to hear her weight!  She is almost out of the newborn diapers, so I'm guessing she's over 8 pounds.  I'm praying for uber chubbiness to get closer to that 11 pound goal.

So far I think her heart is doing just fine.  I haven't noticed any symptoms of heart failure.  I'm praying I'm not missing something, but I think it would be noticeable.  So far she eats like a pig every 3 hours, plays just a little bit each day, and sleeps like a zombie.  Her smile is infectious, and everyone loves her!


  1. Sounds like she's doing FANTASTIC!! Eat and sleep and a little bit of play. All that's needed. :-) Her surgery date will be here sooner than you think, but as awful as it sounds, think of it as a really good thing. Kids do such an amazing turn-around afterwards, so much more alert and ready for the world!

    She's so adorable...seriously looks so much like Sammi when she was born. Must e-mail you some of those pics one of these days...

  2. Annie your littles are all so beautiful!

  3. OMGosh...those cheeks and that chin just crack me up everytime!


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