Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ev-E Mason

My Ev Mason is a mama's boy.  He adores me.  I am his everything.

After we brought Ollie home, I wasn't.  It made me really sad.  He ignored me.  He liked Ollie, he was just too busy for me.

In 4 days time he grew huge.  He wasn't a little boy anymore.  His legs and body got heavy and thick.  He went from 3T to 4s.  He turned into a big boy.  His speech changed.  It was shocking how much he changed in 4 little days.  However, he still ran around like he was on Mt. Dew diet - crazy.

We've had some time at home, and he's getting back to his old self.  He is sitting on my lap again.  He's hugging and kissing and rubbing his head on my like he's a cat again.  He tells me he "lobes me bery bery much".  Thank goodness he's coming around! 

I need my little boy as much as he needs me!  I missed him!


  1. That is sweet! I hope my little boy loves me like that! :-)

  2. I love the picture of him holding Ollie! Glad you're all getting settled in to your "new normal!"

  3. Every single time I read his name I think of his Great Grandpa...and how much he would have loved that! :)

  4. I'm laughing! My kids were all jealous of the babies when they jealous, THEY wanted a baby and I was apparently hogging them by feeding them and changing poopy pants... :D You have a sweet little man there!!

    LOVE that crazy hair!! Hoping you are doing as great as the pictures say! Email me anytime!


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