Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What we did...

We had a great 3 days off.  I LOVED it and greatly needed the break!  Yesterday was the most fun we had!  We had Aubrie's first swimming lessons & then headed to the beach for a picnic & some swimming.  The kids loved it and Jade & I had fun too.

Aren't my babies adorable in their matching swim suits!  They are getting so big it just KILLS me!

Last night Abbie's husband cooked our family some amazing food & we just hung out which was nice.  Then, poor Aubrie got a dreaded fever.  I was up at 2AM getting her more Ibuprofen & drinks - she was at 102 at that point.  I hate when my babies have fevers because they always get really high in the night when you can't do too much for them, plus my kids typically run really high fevers.  Today she is still running a fever, but was glad Grandma RuRu was coming to baby her.  She wanted me to go to work so RuRu could take care of her.  It's hard for me to be away, but I know she's in good hands today.

Oh and I have lost 2" of belly chub!  High five to me!


  1. they are too cute- love the paul frank- Leland said- "let's swim with those cool kids!" yes, seriously.
    um, okay, i think you've convinced me to try the pxwhatsit.

  2. Ok so I totally read that as Abbie got a fever and you were up until 2 am with her and I was really confused! LOL

  3. the kids are darling ... looks like fun was had by all

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