Friday, June 4, 2010

How I love to plan!

I am TOO excited!

That's right - we just booked our family vacation!

We are flying out Thanksgiving day (direct flight from Indy to Orlando - woot woot) to spend 10 days in Florida!

So watch out Cocoa beach - we are visiting you for 2 days!  Maggie, Kylie & Caroline will be in tow!

Then we are off to two condos for the rest of the trip to meet my parents & Abbie & Zac in Kissimmee. 

You can bet that we will cry when we see this...

We always cry when we get here - and this year will be so special because my princess gets to go for the first time!  I just love everything Disney.

They know how to do it right!  I can't wait to visit this tree & see the Bug's Life show!

Downtown Disney has the most amazing Lego displays!

Oh how I adore Mickey & Minnie's houses!!

Epcot & MGM - OH MY!

Throw in a little Sea World & we're in heaven!  I know it's bad, but I'm wishing away my summer - so November gets here fast!


  1. What fun !!!!!!! We're big WDW fans here too... used to take the kids every winter before J got sick. We finally got the OK to travel again, so hopefully after the wedding we'll go somewhere. We're sending the kids to Disney for their honeymoon next month - I'll be sure to have them tell mickey that you guys are coming soon !!!!!!


  2. Sounds like so much FUN!!!

    ps- I have not forgotten you. Thank you for your long-suffering patience. ;)

  3. Disney is the best. We love it even with grown-up kids. Bugs Life is one of my favorites, too. You will have a blast, and I can't wait for grandkids to be able to see it through little eyes once again!


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