Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aubrie's Room Redo

Recently my Mom came down and freshened up Aubrie's room a bit.  It was very shabby chic & that's not really me.  So she brought out an old duvet & some different sheers & voila - a new room.

Aubrie thought a fairy did it and was BEYOND excited!

Aunt Abbie loaned her a white vinyl chair that works perfectly in here.

Sparkle Pig & Sparkle Kitty protect her when she sleeps.  She also has a doll she named after her best friend, Millie, that was sewn to look like her - and boy it does!

Love her dresser ($40 steal!) & the fabulous picture by Jamie McDonald, my photographer friend.  She loves her stuffed animals - can you tell?!

More treasures and my hope chest I got when I turned 18.

Another view of Aubrie's new bright & cheery room!

Oh my - her father's daughter - see the bobble head Cardinals player!  Also, can you see all her snow globes.  Yes, she's 4 and collects snow globes year round.  She REALLY wants to share her room with the baby, so I explained that we may have to pack up some of her stuff that there won't be room for it all.  She was sad about the snow globes, but decided it was worth it for the baby - she's so sweet!

So this is her room redo, but alas it will change in the near future when baby #3 joins her in this room.  It will get a brand new look & she'll get a twin bed - so much work to do!


  1. We still need to re-do- that duvet doesn't go with her accessories but hey she loved it so all is good with the fairies!

  2. Yeah it's not great, but she's thrilled! She wants to repaint the room pink for the baby! How are we going to make pink & a baby boy work if that's the case? We have our work cut out for us!


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