Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've Lost My Mind

My husband has been giving me a ton of grief!  I just went out and got a pair of these.

He doesn't believe that they will really "shape up" my legs and butt.  I'm not sure if they will, but if they do - shoot dang I'm not going to be against it one tiny bit!  I bought them b/c they fit like clouds on my feet!  I also had $70 in Kohls cash that was about to expire & a 20% off coupon.  So these babies are normally $110 & with their sale price & my Kohls loot - I paid $25.  I'm going to Disney this fall & I figured if they fit like a cloud - I will LOVE them.  So far I do.  So does anyone have these and have results?!?

I also did something insane!

I ordered this...

Now I don't think I'll ever look like her b/c I'm twice as curvy - I have HIPS!  I haven't worn a bikini since before I had Aubrie.  I was pregnant with her 5 years ago at this time.  So it's been a long time.  But I've lost 5 pounds and 5 inches since I've started Shakeology & P90X.  That's in 3 weeks!  So this is my goal.  I KNOW I can't rock this suit now, but MAYBE by the end of month 2 I can.  So it's my inspiration & my goal.  Something to work hard toward.  So I'm very excited.  Jade & I have been eating healthy & feeding good meals to our kids.  We both feel GREAT and are beyond words excited about the changes in our bodies.  It's refreshing to realize that I don't have to worry about wearing shorts anymore!  I'm making a lifestyle change to get healthy, and I'm happy about it!


  1. Go Annie Go! You'll definitely be rocking that bikini sooner than you think!

  2. That's what Wade and I did in January, made a conscious decision to start eating healthier. We have both lost weight and feel so much better. I even gave up sugar for 3 months but lately it has been sneaking back in and that's not good. So time to refocus! But dang that mocha frappes at McDonalds are good!!


  3. You go girl!! Now you will have to make time to hit the waterparks at Disney! If you buy a suit like that and work that hard to get into it, you have gotta show that baby off! You can do it! ;o)


  4. Wow, you go buying that bikini girl! My husband just got his P90x in the mail and he is so excited! I have shoes like that called MBT's and I love them. My sister got them for me and they are so comfy. I can't say I notice much but my feet feel great! Now you need to be brave and take a before pick of you in the bikini and then one of you after you look the way you want to, that would be cool.

  5. VERY inspiring!!
    You have to keep us posted on the P90X. My husband has been wanting to do it and we've heard great things about it. What do you think so far?

  6. Thanks everyone! It's hard work, but so worth the rewards! My arms are looking good - I never thought I'd care about my arms, but the less they wobble the happier I am!

  7. Hilarious (in a good way)! I want to know if the shoes work. PS. My hubby would totally make fun of those shoes too. He teases me that I pick out boring comfortable shoes and not sexy-lady-shoes. I've actually had old women pick up the same pair of shoes as me at the store and admire them :)

  8. Hey Annie! Let me know how you like those shoes because I wanted them too!!! But if they feel like a cloud then I think it's worth it!! You can definitely rock that bikini!!!!!! Imagine another 5 weeks what you're body will feel/look like with shakeology and p90x!

  9. Annie....tell us about Shakeology!? I mean P90X is TOO intense for me! I am a weinie....but this shakeology....might be something I would be interested in.


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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