Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fairy Talk

OK - so I'm not going to win the parent of the year award.  Why???

Because I lie to my kids.  Sometimes "good" lies are helpful.  I think my Mom will agree on this one.

My kids have vivid imaginations, which is great & helpful to my lying.  They both have a STRONG belief in fairies.  I'm not a dream squasher so yes, I promote and spin fairy stories in my house daily.

It all started with bedtime.  We had kids getting out bed, scared of the dark, the general - not wanting to sleep going on in our house.  Solution - fairies.

Fairies live up in the trees with the squirrels and birds & at night they come out to watch my kids sleep.  You didn't know that did you?  They "protect" them and bring them good dreams.  Sidenote, so does Jesus - we pray about dreams too.  Anyway, this THRILLS my kids.  Everett has a tractor for his ceiling fan pull & Pixie sits up in his tractor at night above his bed.  They sleep better and just love the idea of fairies in their rooms.

So we take it a step further to make it even more believable.  Yeah - we are "that" parent.  We whip out the flashlights at dark & let moths come up AKA "fairies" & we tap the wind chime.  So the fairies dance and sing & again my kids are beyond ecstatic.  We also leave fairy notes & glitter behind some nights.  We took it so far that Mom, Ruby, and we have fairy houses in our flower beds as well.  Again they LOVE it!

So yesterday, my wonderful Mom - or giant fairy Janie - paid a visit to my house.  She put up new curtains, gave Aubrie new bedding, rearranged & painted her lamp even.  Talk about thrilled!  (pictures to come soon I hope!)

Then she opened Everett's curtain behind his bed.  We have never opened it because his bed is against that window.  Apparently, he never knew he had a window there at all.  It was like she painted his entire room & everything in it.  Talk about happy & loving his bedroom!

So thank you Mom for teaching me "good" lies and for playing the generous fairy!


  1. Hey hon, I'm for whatever works and gets the kids to bed, so keep on lying! We all have!

  2. You need to see " Fairy Tale - a true story" . It's the story of the WWI children that proved fairies are real - it's a true story and awesome !

    gena - yup still swollen, this cellulitis is kicking my tush big time : (


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