Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Small Changes

My Mom is truly the best.  While I was at work - she did a bit of much needed redecorating.  Here is my foyer before:

Here it is now!  I am loving the dresser.  We bought it for Ethel Edith, but decided to keep it after we saw how nicely it aged up.  It also stores all of the kids' outdoor chalk & bubbles - right by the front door - BONUS!

An olive and red base shines through!

I really love how it looks now!  Thanks Mom!

So now you are wondering - where did she put the bookcase?  Well remember my landing on my staircase.  I had an orange console table I liked, but it was time for something new.  This will be available for sale at our June show in Bloomington, IL.  PS - LeAnn this would FIT in your car nicely!!

Mom moved the bookcase with the limey green inside to the landing.  I like it so much better!

Here is the view coming up the stairs.  It's rocking our sweet new family photo and shows off my collection of burnt boxes much better!

Thanks again Mom!  I've been too busy to do anything in my house lately!  So glad you babysit and help a girl out!


  1. It is what I love to do. I wish I could do it every day! I knew after that red and green started coming through, I was going to have to put it in one of your houses. Where were the kids you ask .... Aub was at swim lessons with Grandma Ru Ru, Caroline was napping, and Ev helped!!

  2. BTW, I am getting you a new rug this weekend when Ellen and I are on the road trip! Happy Birthday early too, wait til you see the great finds I have in store for you!

  3. Both pieces are perfect in their new homes! Love that dresser!

  4. Oh my...that dresser is fabulous. Simply fabulous. And, that family photo, LoveLove LOVe

  5. How in the heck did I miss this post???? I love the dresser, it looks perfect there and even though I loved the orange table, I have to say that you are right it does show off your boxes better. Don't ya just love your mama?



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