Friday, June 18, 2010

Aubrie Swims!

The stinky part about working a full-time job is that I miss the day time things that I would like to see.  For example, Aubrie's swimming lessons - I saw one of the 5 days she went, only because it was Memorial Day.

Luckily, her last day - someone snapped me some pictures that just crack me up!  Look at my brave baby going off the "plank" diving board as she calls it.  I can tell she's terrified, but trying to be brave.

The approach...

The jump...

Look at that chin tucked - full of fear!  What a brave girl!

Here she is with her swimming teacher.  Don't you love how her goggles are all wonky on her head!  Plus the ear band protecting her ear tubes!  This picture kills me!  The price you pay to see (remember they are prescription goggles for her +5.75 vision needs!)


  1. so so CUTE!
    what a brave girl:O)
    sorry that you miss some of the daily stuff, but great that someone thought to take pics for you!

  2. oh gosh, i cried! what is with me! i can NOT believe she's so stinking big. she's my little baby niece and she's a little girl now. gosh!

  3. that's fantastic. i know first hand how hard swim instruction is when you can't see. when i was in camp we had "instructional swim." i dreaded it every day b/c i could never see what the instructions were b/c we had to take our glasses, etc, off and leave them on the lifeguards table.

  4. Oh Annie, these photos are PRICELESS! Can't wait to see you girls!



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