Monday, June 14, 2010

A Post for Elly

I have been blessed in life with two best friends.  Melissa lives in town & I met her when I was 7.  I "met" which is a silly word since we live in a tiny town, Elly when I was a bit older - I think 4th grade.

Anyway, I adore them both and any time with them is a guaranteed good time!

Here Melissa just had her 3rd beautiful baby, Brady & Elly is showing off her baby girl, Henley.

Melissa I apologize, but the post ends here for you.  This post is all for Elly!

Elly has moved away - or actually did 10 years ago when we graduated high school.  To Springfield, MO and Colorado Springs & back and forth she goes.  She now lives in Springfield, MO with her super buff, nearly male body builder Bret & their sweet one year old.  Elly too has a rocking body.  She's always been a runner, and darn her I'm jealous of her muscular physique!  She looks amazing!

(Oh Melissa - I heard Elly is working on a heel stretch to show us this summer - hilarious - heel stretch competition - bring it ladies!)

It's a five hour drive to Elly's hometown and I've made it there once since she was married.  We don't see each other nearly enough!  It's OK though, because when we do meet up, it's like we see each other every day!  I'm a little sad though, because now Elly is moving to Wyoming this summer.  Why the heck Wyoming by the way - well her hubby has a professorship at the University there - Go Bret!  So our once or twice a yearly visits will come less and less.  I will miss her very much!

This summer is our 10 year class reunion & she'll be gracing us with her presence when she rolls into town for nearly a week!  She's staying with me a bit and Melissa a bit too.  I can not wait!  Henley has grown up so much and I can't wait to kiss her chubby cheeks!  I also can't wait to see Elly because, I promise you - there isn't a girl out there like her.  She's funny, crazy, and unpredictable.  She's a great Mom and one heck of a friend.  I'm proud to say she's one of my best friends & I am more than blessed to know her for the person she is and mostly importantly, the heart that she has! 

Oh and Elly - you are on the list of my favorite things!


  1. What a sweet post! She is beautiful! You are blessed to have two such wonderful friends as well as two wonderful sisters and one rockin mama!

    On another note, my hubby would love to move to Wyoming.


  2. Oh, how sad she is moving again, but how wonderful you have such a friendship that distance will never change that! Have fun at your reunion when she comes!

  3. Awww, Ann. That's sweet! We've had some good times, haven't we?! I love you woman! And don't say we'll see each other LESS! It just means we have to have more vacations! I think we can talk our hubs into destination mini-reunions. ;)

  4. Oh trust me, I'm coming to Wyoming & I'm getting a cowboy hat - you CAN'T stop me El!


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