Monday, June 7, 2010

Puss In Boots

Today was Aubrie's annual eye exam.

After they dilated her eyes, she resembled Puss In Boots perfectly!  We received very good news today.  Her vision has stayed the exact same going on 3 years!!  I'd love to hear that her eyes have improved, but steady is better than getting worse any day.  So she's at a +5.75 in each eye & will go back next June.  This coming Saturday we will be shopping for new glasses (we get a new pair yearly because a year warranty with kids is a MUST)!  She wants purple and pink glasses with flowers & butterflies - so wish me luck!  The selection is usually about 5 pairs to pick from.

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  1. Yay for no change !!!!

    I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old - and these eyes have gotten progressively worse for the last 43 years !!! I got my first contacts when I was 10 and that helped slow down the progression a LOT. J #1 wears them too - got them around 10ish I think. J #2 has 20/20 in one eye and is legally blind in the other. His good eye has compensated and he does better wearing nothing. They said his problems come from prematurity and his twins came from ME !

    Have fun glasses shopping - pink/purple and butterflies - yeah... good luck with that - lol !!!!



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